Difference Between Red & White Wine by Bennett Kireker

When it comes to choosing wine, people usually choose between white and red wine. Both these types of wines are quite popular and they have similarities as well as differences in between. Bennett Kireker , a wine lover says that the main difference between the red and white wine is the process that is followed to make the wine.


How Bennett Kireker Differentiates Between Red and White Wine

White wines are made by squeezing out the grape juice and the juice is only fermented. On the other hand, in case of red wine; the grape juice is fermented along with the skin and pieces of the grapes. However, in the course of production of red and white wine, the solids are removed when the fermentation process is over.

Tannin Level in Red and White Wine

Tannins are basically the component that can be found in the grapes skin and grapes seeds. As during the production of red wine, the skin, seeds and other parts of grapes are used, and then tend to have a higher tannin level when compared with the white wines. In fact the tannin present in the grape skin also result in deep red color of the wine as the juice of grapes are mostly devoid of any color.

On the other hand, while making white wine, the skins and pieces of grapes are not used and only the juice is used. In addition to this, the fining agents are also added to remove further tannins from the wine. This gives a more transparent and white colored wine.

Alcohol Content in Red and White Wine

If you compare the alcohol content of both red and white wine, you will find that the red wine contains a much higher alcohol level that the whiter ones. The alcohol present in the wines comes from the sugar that is present in the grapes which usually turns into alcohol when fermented. The grapes used to make red wine usually contain higher sugar level than the raped of white wine as they are picked when they are more ripened. As a result of which, the higher sugar content of the grapes is transformed into higher level of alcohol for red wines once the wine making process is over.

Body of Red and White Wine

Red wines tend to have more body than white wine as they contain higher tannin level and alcohol content. Also the fermentation process used to manufacture red wine results in more body. In case of red wine almost the whole grapes are used which results in a darker color and a heavier body than what white wines.

Another difference that can be found between these two types of wines is that they taste different. White wines usually offer more floral, lighter, crisper taste and often include a dash of citrus and other fruits. Red wines tend to have a more complex flavor profile which ranges from spicy, to fruity, and even meaty.

Bennett Kireker New York is the founder of the Wine Club NYC and has been associated with United Cellars as a wine salesman. Apart from his passion about wine, he is also is passionate about skiing, golf, and basketball.

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