Education & Technology: 7 Things You Should Know About

The 5 Popular Educational Technologies that is Impacting the Field of Education Today and Tomorrow

Technology will always play a vital role in learning. As a matter of fact, the science and process of technology are deeply connected to the field of education. If you are wondering how technology has and continues to impact the field education, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to discover the following technology that has changed the field of education now and how it will impact this area of knowledge in the future.

Education Technology

Applications for Education, Knowledge and Learning

Applications are software-based technologies that are primarily used for smartphones and tablets. You already know about applications because you use them on your mobile devices. Just think about how these programs can be used to uplift the education field. When it comes to education, many software developers have expanded on a specialized area of computing science known as EdTech.

EdTech applications are now being used inside schools all over the nation. You should know that teachers use this form of technology to help manage classrooms, to directly contact parents and to keep track of student progress. EdTech also makes it easier for educators to teach and manage students throughout the day. It also helps them to keep parents accountable and this is something that we both know will be beneficial to their child’s education. Moreover, when we talk about applications, there are websites as well which can help the parents and students in finding the local tutors online with a particular set of requirements, skills and qualities that they’re looking for.

The Virtual Reality Impact on Education

Virtual reality (VR) is nothing new. This form of computing was popular many years ago. You probably already encountered it during the 90s and 2000s. However, it wasn’t fully utilized in the education field. Now, various institutions from the elementary to the university level are utilizing VR to help teach children. So you are probably wondering how is VR used in the classroom? One of the most important uses for this tech is informing students about subjects through a virtual reality environment. A few schools are currently trying to implement this technology. Teachers are still figuring out the best way to use this tech. However, some companies are leading the way with developing this technology to reach its potential within the classroom.

Cloud Computing and its Storage Benefits for Education

Cloud computing is extremely important. This tech allows people to store vast amounts of information on dedicated networks that have been created for that purpose. You should keep in mind that the Cloud is nothing but a huge connection of servers that have been contained within a building. When people store information on the cloud they can access it from anywhere with any device as long as they have the credentials to get inside of the system.

This technology is going to be a great benefit for the education field. Educators can store vast amounts of school-related data and retrieve it when they need it the most. They can also transfer educational material between institutions and classrooms. Ed technology also provides a great way for students to have access to various forms of technology, instructional material and other resources that they will need to be successful in school. You should also be aware that students will have a hard time saying that they could not complete their school work because of absences or being late. All they will have to do is to access the cloud to get the information they need.

Social Media and Its uses for Schools

Social media wasn’t originally designed to be used in the classroom. It was designed in a school setting so that college students could communicate with each other. However, social media has come a long way since initial development during the early 2000s. The AME Group endorses social media for the classroom. This technology can be adjusted for this environment.

Some educational institutions have figured out how to adopt social media for the classroom. You should be aware that teachers now use this medium for collaborative projects. Educational institutions sometimes share information and teaching knowledge through social media sites. There are social media sites for schools and students. These sites are dedicated to creating a social environment where teachers and their students can connect, share and learn within a cohesive setting.

Biometrics and School Safety

School safety is a huge issue in modern times. Biometric technologies are being considered and even used in some institutions. This technology will allow school officials to recognize troubled students who no longer attend the facility. This tech will help teachers to figure out if students are really learning the material or simply ignoring it.

You might think that biometric technology might present some problems with a student’s personal rights. So, the technology has to be cautiously implemented. Still, there is a lot of value that biometric processes can bring to the field of education in terms of keeping students safe while they learn. You should give this tech some time before it shows up in schools because it still has to be worked out to be practicality purposes.

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