10 ways to update your home for the spring/summer season

As the temperature slowly rises, you will notice the new plants appearing from the ground, flowers are blooming, leaves appearing on the branches of trees, and you can hear the birds singing. As the days get warmer, the thick winter clothing will make way for thinner and lighter clothing. Every living things are waking up from their winter slumber to embrace the cool, comfortable days of spring and the bright, sunny summer days. It is time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the longer days of spring or summer.


  1. If you have been using the traditional fire place, then it is time to store the remaining fire logs back into the shed and start to clear and clean up the fire place. Replace the heavy rugs, thick carpets, heavy curtains, thick blankets with lighter mats, curtains, sheets and comforter covers that are of cotton material and lightweight, which are suitable for the warmer temperature.
  2. Replacing your wardrobe with your summer wear. Keep away the winter wear and bring out your best summer apparel. Replace worn out summer wear with new ones.
  3. Get your air-conditioners serviced and have the filters replaced to ensure that none of air-conditioners malfunction during the sweltering summer heat.
  4. Clear out the freezer and have it defrosted and cleaned. Throw away expired foodstuffs from the freezer or fridge and restock the freezer with fresh products.
  5. Check out for any areas that require repairing such as the kitchen area. You may even consider getting a new kitchen cabinet. For some great cabinet ideas for your space, you can consult any of the interior design firms Palm Springs for some trendy designs.
  6. Update your home with a fresh new coat of bright summer colours. If you need help on choosing the right paint colours, you can get some expert’s opinion from one of the best interior design companies near you.
  7. Thoroughly wash your glass windows inside and out to enjoy sparkling clean sun-kissed windows and fresh breeze to flow through your rooms and halls.
  8. Time to keep away the snow shovels, skis, etc. and bring out your summer lawn mower, gardening tools, hose, etc. Get out your summer sports gear, bicycles, running or jogging shoes, etc.
  9. Brighten up your interior and exterior space with indoor and outdoor plants.
  10. Preparing for summer parties or BBQ parties in the garden. Getting out the BBQ stoves, the utensils and etc.

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