2019 Civic: The Luxury Coupe from Honda

The 2019 Civic from Honda as a luxury model is made available as Sedans, Hatchbacks and Coupes. Though the difference between each of these body styles are marginal, we chose the coupe for a test drive at the Petaluma Honda dealership. Our experience says that the new Civic defines best how to spend your time on road in luxury.

The Civic Lineup

The lineup of the 2019 Honda Civic in all above-mentioned body types also come in five well-defined trim levels, namely the LX trim, EX, Sport, EX-L, EX-T, and Touring. Keeping the options open for a wide variety of consumer needs and affordability, the range starts from simple basic car to extreme luxury.

Upgrades of 2019

For the 2019 year model, the entire lineup of the Honda Civic got upgraded with a new exterior styling, increased availability of the Sport trim, and in the safety front, introduction of automatic emergency braking as a standard feature for all.

Power Choice

The base model of the 2019 Honda Civic with the coupe body style is given a standard 2.0-liter inline-4 engine to make a horsepower of 158, but as you climb higher the trims, both the EX and Touring will offer you to drive with a 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine making a higher horsepower of 174-hp. In all these trims the transmission remains to be the same continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), though Honda also offers an available 6-speed manual as another option on some of the trims.

Unconventional Body Style

The entire lineup of the Honda Civic receives a new body styling as the new year update for the year 2019 that replaces the chrome accents for glossy black ones at the front end to get a cleaner look. The Civic Coupe especially is considered as the fashion model in the lineup that can be distinctively identified for its dramatic character lines that run along its body length. This specially made attire really makes a strong statement in the crowd. Thanks to the new 18-inch alloy wheels that contributed to a great length in creating the additional eye-catching getup.

The Luxurious Coupe

Even with this given size that is smaller than many of its rivals, the 2019 Honda Civic manages to offer a spacious cabin that has offers various packages of  creature comfort features, depending upon the Civic trim you select.

In our test drive at the Honda dealer Petaluma, we checked out the luxury features in the Civic that really made a positive impression. For the drivers, the 2019 Honda Civic ensures good visibility with conveniently arranged controls. All the seats including the driver’s cockpit to the rear passenger ones, are comfortable, with good enough scope of adjustment for the taller occupants. The cabin on the LX, Sport, and EX trims come with cloth upholstery with a power-adjustable driver seat, while on the EX-L and Touring trims sport leather upholstery. The other noticeable luxury feature in all the coupe trims is a leg room of 36 inches that ensures comfort for all the passengers even after long hours of drives.

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