4 Most Popular Sauna Heaters

Choosing the best type of sauna heaters to go with can be a difficult decision since all of the available options provide different types of advantages and disadvantages. To make a wise decision, you must take a careful approach,which would ensure a smart buy.


Mentioned below is a brief outlook at some of the most most popularly used sauna heaters.

Electric Sauna Heater:

Electric sauna heaters are the most popular types of heaters used for modern saunas. With this type of heaters, customers can have the option to choose between either a free-standing floor heaters or a wall mounted sauna heater. Since they are the most popularly used sauna-heaters used nowadays, they also have the widest variety of options to choose from. Due to the increased popularity of these types of sauna heaters, the used versions of them are commonly available. One major issue that comes with electric sauna heater is that they increase the electricity cost. However, the modern innovation in these types of sauna heaters has made them much more efficient than they were in the past.

Wood Fired Sauna Heater:

Wood fired sauna heater is considered the oldest type of heaters. This type of sauna heater offers the most authentic sauna experience. Another reason why wood fired sauna heater is popular nowadays is they are the cheapest option available. Although the initial cost of installing wood fired heater is relatively higher than the other types, they will be cost-effective in the long run. The only problem in these types of sauna heaters is that the temperature cannot be controlled since it is difficult to get a clear idea about how much wood you need to burn in order to receive the optimal comfort level.

Sauna Stove:

Another important type sauna heater is gas or propane stove which is commonly used by the consumers that already have gas heating for their home. The most important benefit of these types of sauna heaters is that they can heat up much faster than the other types of sauna heaters. Gas or propane stoves are more efficient when it comes to longevity and they are also much easier to regulate. However, the initial cost of installing gas or propane sauna heaters is much higher than the electric or wood fired ones. People still use them because they are a cost-effective long-term option.

Infrared Sauna Heater:

Infrared sauna heater often considered as the most modern types of sauna heater options. They are built with most advanced technology and offer the maximum level of comfort. These types of sauna heaters basically involve the use of carbon or ceramic heaters. Infrared sauna heaters are mainly used in athletic settings since they offer the maximum comfort to the athletes and are great for relaxing the muscles.

There are many people that don’t consider infrared sauna as real ‘sauna’ as it functions much differently than the other types. These types of sauna heaters usually heat different parts of the sauna room. As a result, they offer most relaxing atmosphere. The most important reason why infrared sauna is popular is because they are much less expensive to operate.

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