5 Accessories that are must for goalkeepers

A goalkeeper goes through many challenges in a football match. While the challenges cannot be eliminated entirely, goalkeepers can overcome them to a major extent with the help of right football accessories. Read this post to know five accessories that every goalkeeper should have.


Once your opponent has somehow managed to beat the mighty defence of your team, as a goalkeeper, it is your time to shine. As the ultimate line of defence, the goalkeeper has a lot of responsibilities. There are probably only a few experiences in the world of sports that are as intense and demanding as being a goalkeeper of a football team is.

To make sure that you’re ready for the big saves, it is essential that you get on the field with the best of accessories. But what are the must-have accessories for goalkeepers? Let us have a look-

  1. Shin Guards

One of the most critical pieces of accessories for goalkeepers is the shin guard. Worn on the shin, between the ankle and the knee, they do an excellent job of protecting the goalkeeper from some severe injuries. As a matter of fact, shin guards are mandatory for official matches.

There are now also shin guards with ankle protector that you can consider to prevent injuries to the ankle along with the shin.

  1. Cleats or Football Shoes

You’ll need cleats with studs made from plastic when playing on natural or artificial grass. There are also cleats with iron studs generally used for playing on wet grass. Similarly, there are different types of football shoes for different kinds of surfaces like smooth surfaces, artificial surfaces, and hard surfaces.

Prefer good-quality football shoes from reliable brands to give your best to every game as a goalkeeper.

  1. Jersey and Shorts

If you’re a dedicated goalkeeper, you’ll definitely stop at nothing to try and save the goal. This often includes diving and sliding for the ball. Thus, to ensure that the goalies remain protected from scraps on legs and arms, there are long-sleeve jerseys and goalie pants available in the market.

A lot of goalkeepers also wear sliding shorts under the uniform. These are compression fit pants with padding at areas like thighs, knees, and hips for additional protection.

  1. Football Socks

Football socks are longer than regular socks and generally come a little above your knee. Apart from protecting your feet and shins from injuries, the socks also do the important job of wicking away the sweat.

They’re generally made from a quick-drying material like polyester. Some of the socks also feature a ventilation zone for improved breathability.

  1. Gloves

A goalkeeper is the only player who can catch the ball in the D using their hands. With the football coming at speeds of up to 50mph or more, you surely need a good pair of goalkeeper gloves to keep your hands protected.

You can find many different types of gloves like training gloves, match gloves, and weather gloves. When buying, make sure that you buy the gloves of the right fit and size.

Your Body Matters Too

While there are now a host of football accessories for goalkeepers, it is also essential that you remain focused on your health. While the accessories help in abundance, the injuries cannot be completely eliminated.

It is only by taking care of your body and training regularly that you can accelerate your recovery and get back to the field doing what you love most. Learn more about the rules and regulations of football and other games, on this website:

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