6 of the Coolest Collectibles People Collect

While most people don’t realise it, we all grow up as collectors. We gather things like rocks from the street, streamers from parties, and cards from holidays and keep them as reminders of treasured moments in time. With the right encouragement, this type of activity can develop into a collecting hobby.

Once adults, this hobby spreads to holding onto a wide variety of cool collectibles – here are just a few of them!

Matchbox Cars

Matchbox cars have been out there for years, and the variety of different cars available is more than anyone could possibly keep track of! Some of these cars are very common, but the rarer examples make for wonderful collectibles.

A Matchbox collection full of rare cars is sure to impress with the unique varieties of models, finishes and eras represented.

Enamel Pins

In the last year or two, enamel pins have become more and more popular. While many people remember these types of pins from their early years spent at amusement parks, enamel pins are collected for fashion, fun, humour and posterity.

One of the coolest ways to display this type of collections is on a bag. Collectors find enamel pins that represent their interests, sense of style, or humour, and then create a bag that screams out their style when walking down the street. Cool, right?

Disney Figurines

Thanks to the immense popularity of the Disney franchise, there are many different figurine collectibles available in stores around the world featuring your favourite characters.

Some collectors collect only official Disney figurines while others turn to more creative reinterpretations of those famous faces from Snow White to Mickey Mouse (find come classic examples at

No matter which style of figurine catches a Disney collector’s eyes, any Disney fan will be amazed by the cool collection they can put together!

Porcelain Dolls

No, porcelain dolls are not something that only grandmas collect! While some dolls have got a bad rep due to horror films like Annabelle, porcelain dolls are a very common collectible. They come in hundreds of styles and designs.

These beautiful dolls can make for an truly stunning collection that is both fragile and beautiful all at once.

Christmas Ornaments

One of the most common decorations in the entire world, Christmas ornament collectors are some of the most dedicated collectors around, and you will be amazed to see what kind of cool ornaments can be found.

From ornaments acquired around the world to handmade ornaments, you never know what you’re going to find in these Christmas collections.

First Edition Books

Romantic, personal, fascinating, educational – what’s not to love about an extensive book collection?

Most book collectors focus on rare works such as signed books, hardcover collections, or, as mentioned here, first edition books. First run printings are usually limited in number as the publisher does not always know how many sales to expect, and that is what makes first edition books so valuable!

Anyone can buy a later copy, but only the dedicated collector can find the first edition books.

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