6 Things That Will Surprise First-Time Visitors To Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. Who doesn’t have that dream honeymoon of basking under a glowing sun and sharing a romantic walk along the shore? With its numerous exotic islands and majestic waters, the beauty of this island paradise continues to provide the perfect romantic setting for newly married couples. The first time is always memorable and spending something as important as a honeymoon only makes Hawaii one of the best places to go to.

To make the honeymoon extra special, newlyweds can choose from the numerous luxury houses in Hawaii that is scattered across the islands. Maui has always been a top choice, with the island’s crystal clear waters and photo-worthy sunsets. Luxury houses in Hawaii are mostly situated in Maui, but there are also beautifully designed luxury homes and residences on the scenic Big Island and Oahu.

The island of Maui was named after the demigod who taught Hawaiians to make fire, invented spears, and created a giant fish hook from his dead grandmother’s jawbone. According to the legend, when he fished with the hook, he brought the Hawaiian Islands up from the sea

Staying in luxury houses in Hawaii are becoming a popular option for accommodation because it provides guest with that home-away-from-home atmosphere with the stunning Hawaiian waters as its backdrop. It would actually be quite hard to get out of bed, but there is just so much to explore and learn about Hawaii.

So once you have ticked off accommodation in the checklist, the island is bountiful with unique treasures and delights that will make any honeymoon extra exciting. Here are some things that will surprise first-time visitors in Hawaii:

Hawaiian Language

Hawai’i is also the only American state to have two official languages, Hawaiian and English. However, a 3rd unofficial language is also widely spoken, Pidgin which is a slang combining words from many aspects of island life and culture. The language roots from its Polynesian heritage, along with Pidgin, Samoan, and Tongan that are also widely spoken. There are also only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet and every word—and syllable—ends with one of five vowels.

Hawaiian words are also often written with an apostrophe-like mark called an Okina, which is a consonant that requires you to read the word with a pause. Words with and without the apostrophe-like mark can mean two very different things.

Hawaiian People

Residents of Hawaii are not all called Hawaiians. They are either Hawaiians or Locals. As a first-timer on the island, this may be hard to differentiate or even comprehend. Only people with Hawaiian heritage are called Hawaiians, even if they have lived in the Aloha State their whole lives. People who do not have a Hawaiian ancestry, despite being naturally-born citizens of Hawaii, are called locals.

Their Aloha spirit also leaves a mark, with their light-heartedness and relaxed demeanor. The island mirrors its people with both their heartwarming hospitality and diverse culture.

Hawaiian Landscape

The state of Hawaii is consists of 8 main islands. As if this doesn’t sound numerous and massive already, the nation’s land area continues to increase because of never-ending volcanic eruptions. Despite being completely surrounded by water, most volcanoes found in Hawaii are active. Add to this its own geographical location that is completely outside of northern part of the US with no clear state boundaries.

Hawaiian Steak

Also known to Hawaiians and locals as Spam – the famously delicious breakfast staple that we all eat with sunny side up eggs. Spam does not necessarily originate in Hawaii nor is it invented by a Hawaiian. What started as a regular military ration soon became a cultural phenomenon when it became a staple in the Hawaiian Islands during the war era. It has become so iconically linked with Hawaiian culture that many may mistake Spam for being locally produced on the islands.

At least 7-10 million cans of Spam per year are sold in Hawaii alone and locals eat it almost on a daily basis. Food entities based on Spam have also continuously appeared in Hawaiian delicacies and modern-day dishes.

That Hawaiian TV Show

Who doesn’t know the hit television show, Hawaii 5-0? One of the longest-running show, it’s one of the most iconic nods to the island’s name. Unknown to many, Hawaii actually does not have a state-run police department, unlike the television show. They do not even have any type of DWV. They are managed by each county government.

Hawaiian Body

Beach. Babes. Bikinis. Because of how majestic the Hawaiian Islands are and how inviting their bejeweled waters can be, one may think to flaunt your best bikini body along its shores. Tight, toned and tanned bodies would usually adorn the Hawaiian beaches. However, ancient Hawaiians believe and prefer the exact opposite. They believe that when a woman is heavier and more curvaceous, she is more attractive and beautiful.

This has often been depicted in fictional shows, movies and cartoons especially for Hawaiian-based settings wherein tribes have Chieftains and Chieftess. Their women’s curvier and more shapely figures are much celebrated and regarded for, with those cute hula outfits and lei necklaces.

Coincidentally, the Hawaiian Hula which is more popularly known as a form of dance, is originally a form of worship. The Hula Dance is actually performed mostly by men who are highly trained and taught supposedly by one of their gods, Luka. Adding lei garlands to complete a Hula outfit actually signifies showing affection or peace towards another. Learn more about the natural beauty of seaside countries, on this website:

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