7 Birthday Party Ideas Every Gamer Dreams Of

With over $159.3 billion in revenue this year alone, the gaming industry has surpassed both the music and movie sectors by a long shot. And it is estimated that there are more than 2.7 billion gamers around the world. Without a doubt, gaming is one of the most widespread hobbies in the world.

The beauty of gaming is that people of all ages can enjoy it. And with so many different platforms and genres, the fun can be endless! That means they make for perfect gaming party ideas as well.

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So if you are on the fence on what fun gaming party ideas to choose from, today, we will give you seven of the most popular ones. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll know what to do and surprise your friend or family member!

  1. Pokémon Party Ideas

The first Pokémon game released in 1996, and from then on, it has revolutionized the entire gaming industry. Pokémon has made a breakthrough for people of all ages, as newer versions attracting a younger audience. And with the release of Pokémon GO, even more people have joined the Poké-fever.

Because of this, Pokémon can make for a gaming party at home for both adults and kids. So what ideas are there when it comes to Pokémon?

Pokéball Cake

Not a very easy shape to make a cake out of, as it will need to be spherical, but it’s the perfect Pokémon theme cake you can make. You can make the cake large, but another good idea is to make smaller individual Pokéball cakes. Without a doubt, this will be a huge hit.

Pokéball Pizza

This DIY gaming party idea is relatively easy to make, so if you aren’t up for making a Pokéball cake, make this one! All you need to do is get a pizza base, pepperoni, black olives, and white cheese. Then align them to match a Pokéball color scheme, and as simple as that, you’ll have a Pokéball pizza.

Pokéball Plates

Another easy DIY gaming party idea is decorating plates to resemble a Pokéball. All you’ll need is red and white paper plates and black tape. Then cut the red and white plate in half and tape them together with the black tape.

  1. Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft is officially the most sold game of all time. This survival/building game draws people of all ages to express their creativity. Minecraft is also available on almost all gaming platforms like Lenovo, Nintendo, or Playstation.

There are a lot of adult gaming party ideas for Minecraft, as well as for kids. Let’s take a look at some of them.

TNT Piñata

Minecraft’s iconic TNT block is a great DIY gaming party idea, and it’s effortless to make. You only will need a box, red-paper ribbons, and black and white paper. If you don’t have the time to make it, you can always buy one online.

Nether Portal Entrance

This idea will make your gaming party at home a hit even before the guests enter the house! The idea is to cut strips of black and purple ribbons and placing them at the entrance to mimic the Nether Portal. A fun decoration idea that will spice up your Minecraft party!

Diamond Sword Pull-Apart Cupcakes

A straightforward DIY gaming party idea that will only require you to get light-blue, blue, and black color cupcakes. Then arrange the cupcakes into the iconic Minecraft sword. You can even make the other Minecraft tools if you want to.

  1. Fortnite Party Ideas

With over 350 million players, Fornite is an online gaming phenomenon. The game is all about the last man/team standing while building traps and buildings. Another game that young and old enjoy playing.

Slurp Juice Drinks

It’s not easy to make gaming beverages, but Fornite has a very easy one to make. For this DIY gaming party idea, you will need Green Hawaiin Punch and a blue power drink. Carefully pour one first and then the other, don’t mix them!

V-Bucks Cookie

The in-game currency of Fortnite is quite simple to copy, so no need to be an expert pastry chef. It would be best to have plain cookies and decorate them with white icing and top it off with a blue-colored V.

Supply-drop Loot Bags

An iconic Fortnite item is the supply-drop loot boxes, and it’s easy to craft as well. With yellow balloons attached to blue bags, you will have your supply-drop bag. Be sure to make them heavy enough, so they don’t fly away!

  1. Mario Party Ideas

If you want more classic gaming party ideas, Mario is the one to look to when planning a party. Mario boasts more than 300 games, which means you will never run out of possible DIY gaming party ideas. So what party ideas is there for this famous plumber?

Fire Flower Vegetable Dish

Who said vegetables couldn’t be fun? You only need yellow bell-pepper, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, green veggies, and ranch dressing. Then arrange them all into the fire-flower found in all of the Mario games, a sure-fire hit!

Bowser-shell Cupcakes

A super easy decoration idea, the bowser-shell cupcakes will amaze all of the party guests. All you need to do is use colored icing and add white spikes on the top. You can even make the fire-flower with the right icing.

Mario Themed Hats

A fun party-favor idea is giving red Mario hats. You can buy them online, but you can also make them yourself. You only need a red hat and an M stencil; make sure the M is Mario styled!

  1. Call of Duty Party Ideas

Call of Duty is a gaming giant worth $100 billion, leading in competitive online gaming. With new installments releasing every year, this game series will last years to come. It’s famous for online gaming parties as well.

Perk Colas

Some of the Call of Duty games also have a zombie game mode, and in that game mode, you can find perk colas. And they are simple to replicate! You only need different colored drinks, empty glass bottles with lids, and the names printed out.

Nerf Shooting Range

One of the most fun gaming party ideas is that of making a shooting range. You only need a couple of nerf guns and some targets. You can even make it a bit more competitive and add a point system.

Dog Tags

An excellent party favor is giving out dog tags with the names of the guest. You can go for the DIY way and have them printed out, or you can buy more realistic ones online. No matter which one you pick, they will make great party favors!

  1. Among Us Party Ideas

Among us has over 217 million mobile downloads. So even if you’re not a gamer, you probably have played this game with your friends. Among us has plenty of fun gaming party ideas as well!

Among Us Photobooth

A super fun activity is that of having a polaroid camera with fun props. There are plenty of cutouts from Among Us that will make awesome pictures. Try to use cardstock for the cutouts, as paper ones will break easily.

Among Us Party Game

What makes Among Us a fun game is that anyone can play on their phones. So a cool idea is creating your own Among Us party in the game. You can have up to ten people in one party, so depending on how big the party is, you can divide them into groups.

Among Us Cupcakes

You won’t need to design the actual character of Among Us, so don’t worry! What you can do is get a black icing cupcake with some white spots and print an Among Us printout taped onto a stick. Then stick it into the cupcake, and guests can take the printouts as party favors as well.

  1. General Gaming Party Ideas

If the one you are planning the party is a real gamer that loves all games, it would be best to find general gaming party ideas. And even though there is no one game theme, it will still be a fun experience for all. The most satisfying part is they are all super simple to make!

Mana and HP Dispensers

Almost all games have some form of mana or HP potions. So you can have a blue (mana) or red (HP) juice/soda dispenser. You can even make individual bottles for the guest.


If you don’t want to create your party activities, then having a Gamestation will help. You only need to use gaming platforms or even hire a gaming truck. Make sure to have enough games for everyone!

Which Gaming Party Ideas Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are endless gaming party ideas for you to do. And whichever you pick will be a sure hit among the party-goers. So have fun when making a party game-themed idea!

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