7 Ways to Build an Environmentally Friendly New Office

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly. It is our duty as citizens to evaluate the impact of our actions and habits on the environment.

New Office

Many people are already recycling and reducing energy and water consumption.  However, there is still much more that can be done.

If you want to take a step further, try creating a green office. You will be helping your public image as well as the planet.

Below are seven steps you can take to improve your business’ eco-friendliness.

Install Low-Energy Computers

When it is time to change your company’s equipment, look for those that indicate low energy consumption.

Then adjust them to run as efficiently as possible. For example, desktop computers can be programmed to enter a standby mode at the end of a workday, and monitors can be configured to turn off after being idle for a specified period.

Buy Eco-Friendly Office Furniture and Supplies

Desks made of natural wood and office supplies that use recycled products are good examples.

In general, products certified to ensure that any chemical and particulate emissions fall below acceptable standards are an effective way to go green when furnishing your office.

On some websites, just typing “organic” in the search bar is enough to find eco-friendly products in different categories.

Smart Lighting

To make the lighting system in your office more earth-friendly, consider installing automated systems, including photo sensors and timers.

These will help you turn the lights on only when needed and save energy when no one uses a room.

In general, LED bulbs and lamps are good green options, as fluorescent lights tend to use less energy than incandescent ones.

Try to take advantage of natural light by opening the blinds and letting sunshine enter whenever possible.

Store Files in the Cloud

The amount of space and paper that printed documents can occupy in an office is immense, representing both a nuisance and a problem for the environment.

Cloud storage has made it possible for people to access documents from wherever they have an Internet connection.

Plus, it is incredibly easy to share information through cloud-based storage. With tablets, smartphones, laptops, and all the other devices that we now have at our fingertips, it is becoming easier to reduce the amount of paper waste a business generates.

Acquire Multipurpose Printers

Today’s printers are capable of printing, copying, and scanning all in one device. Besides, they consume up to half the energy than if you had to use three different machines.

If you want to be even more respectful with the environment, recycle your ink cartridges and toner.

Always remember only to print what is necessary to reduce paper consumption in your office or business.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

For example, if your office has a coffee machine, you probably go through many plastic cups and spoons.

You should reduce or eliminate these types of products if you want to reduce the amount of plastic your office generates.

Suggest to your employees that they bring their own cups and glass bottles so that they can wash and reuse them many times.

Condition the Spaces Well

The cost of energy consumption and its impact on the environment are among the most critical factors to consider.

Building eco-efficient strategies will allow you to both save money and take care of the environment.

An efficient layout, well-positioned light bulbs, and the lack of any heating or air conditioning leaks can make your office more environmentally friendly.

If you do not have a clear idea of how to design your new eco-friendly office, we recommend that you do an online search for “eco-friendly building designs.”

 In this way, you can be inspired, make your office beautiful and functional, and help take care of the environment. Learn more about the impact of human activities on the overall environment and how to improve it, on this website:

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