9App –Application Distribution Platform


9 apps is yet another Android app available in the market today. Android has conquered most of the world by its amazing features and flexible interactions. Till yesterday, people knew only about Google Play Store to download their favourite games, music, books, apps, wall paper’s, gifs etc. But, now 9 apps have come up with the similar and advanced features; and promises to be better than Google Play Store. It has come up as a strong contender against Play Store. It claims that it is more light weight application and work seamlessly with all the older versions of Android. 9 apps is updated on regular basis and you can get rid of boring unused app with ease. The deprecated versions are automatically updated on our phone by using 9apps and you can forget the worry of number of login pages.

The latest version is The size of the app is just 2.39 MB, which means that the software is lightweight and does not occupy most of place in your phone. For running 9 apps app on the system, it requires Android 2.3 or higher versions. It is an international third party android applications and games shop. It is a simple app which allows users globally to download apps without logging in. There are more than 250 million monthly active users in 9 apps.

Why 9 apps?

9 apps ensure that there are no malware and all the duplicate apps are automatically removed. One does not have to worry about virus in the applications, since the security team of the 9 apps handle them and scrutinises with maximum care and makes sure, they are safe for your android software. Therefore, you need not fear about Trojan or any other kind of malwares. The most useful apps which you use on daily basis like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messengers, and Skype etc. are available on 9App. The application is huge databank of many mobile applications and games.

Firstly, this app is completely free of cost. Though there are some apps on Google Play Store which are charged, but in 9App even they are free.You do not have to waste your precious time filling up tediously long sign up pages and you do not need to give your data of credit cards or accounts to make the app purchases. The other good reasons to download 9apps are: it will allow you to download unlimited Android apps, provide easy and fast downloading of files, gives a smooth user experience and comes in small package size in order to save space. It has its own download manager and recommendations are provided by an expert team to match your interest. It is much fun to interact and the look and feel of the application is totally cool.

Thus, you can definitely give a trial for 9 apps and surely, it will meet your expectations. It has released many data analysis products and services to provide developers and professionals with multi-dimensional rankings. The logo of 9App is a colourful graphic core with the tag line- Fast and Young.

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