Best 10 GoToWebinar Alternatives

GoToWebinar is a professional software for organizing webinars and live events, available for both Windows and Mac. It supports remote screen sharing, remote control, text chat, polls and email reminder and notification function. You can also visit a webinar from iPhone and iPad using dedicated apps.

Although GoToWebinar seems to be a good choice, it still bears a lot of shortcomings which should not be ignored. One shortcoming of GoToWebinar is that it needs constant fast and error-free Internet connection. That means even if you have a strong Internet connection, there may be complications if there is bad weather or a power outage during the video conference. Besides, it has 128-bit encryption to protect ongoing video conference. However, this is standard, so that there is a risk. Considering these factors, you might like to give up GoToWebiar and want to find some alternatives. In the part below, we’d like to recommend you 10 awesome GoToWebinar alternatives.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the best GoToWebinar alternative that you can use to host webinars and online meetings. It is a powerful video conferencing software with HD voice and video calls and text messages to connect with colleagues, partners, customers and others around the world.

It is a perfect video conferencing solution for easy video conversation. Lots of business companies use it to host online meetings and are very satisfied with the excellent quality they can enjoy. The free version empowers you to enjoy high-definition video and audio conferencing as many as 100 people, as well as an interesting feature list which includes easy screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, instant messaging, recording and playback, meeting scheduling and more.

Its paid versions that you can choose provide more useful features, like user management and the ability to host up to 500-people online meetings. If you’re considering other alternatives or insights into video conferencing platforms, offers comprehensive information.

Adobe Connect Pro

Adobe Connect Pro is a web-based GoToWebinar alternative for creating and running online events for both a limited audience and a large number of people. Adobe Connect Pro costs $55 / month for a maximum of 100 participants and works with both PC and Mac. Its main features are: screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, online video conferencing, sharing of presentations and chat. Event, easy attendance of participants, surveys, branding and webinar reports are fully supported. You can also manage and participate in webinars through smartphones and tablets of almost all brands. For all of the events you are present, you can use the reminder e-mail and follow-up notification feature. If there are recurring events, you can decide to use the same URL of your virtual room each time, and even save your preferred layout solution to reduce your meeting setup time.


WiZlQ is an online training platform that you can use to create and manage both large and small online events. WiZlQ is free if the session lasts no more than two hours and does not exceed the three recorded sessions. With a maximum limit of 500 participants, WiZlQ costs $100 / month. The main features of WiZlQ include: screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, videoconferencing, chat and slideshow sharing. Other features include polls, billing system, student profile management, and more. All events you create will be recorded and edited via embeding on your blog or third-party sites.


TokBox’s OpenTok is a free alternative for GoToWebinar that allows you to create a video conference with up to 50 simultaneous participants. You can embed your online video conference on your site or on any other web page you want. You have two paths: if you are a programmer, you can integrate OpenTok through the API or you can use a simple app that does not need any technical knowledge to be installed. OpenTok also provides you with a free widget to make live streaming from your site. You will not have any feature to register for the event, you will not receive any statistical report, and no branding tool is provided. Sharing your screen, chat, and sharing slideshows are not supported either.


GatherPlace is a webinar software that allows you to create and conduct large online seminars. Those who present must have a PC or Mac, while participants can access the event without any problems from PC, Mac or Linux. The service costs $49 / month up to 10 participants, or $157 / month up to 500 participants. This alternative to GoToWebinar features include: screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, chat and sharing presentations. Functions such as event recording, reporting, easy participant management, and customizable branding are also supported. Once you’ve started the live session, you may decide not to allow other participants to take part in the event.


IVocalize is a Java-based web platform software for organizing conferences and online events. Pay a small monthly fee to have a virtual room available 24 hours a day, throughout the week, where participants will gather. Single iVocalize chat rooms cost up to $500 / month and can be used up to a maximum of 100 participants. This GoToWebinar alternative features screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, video conferencing, chat and sharing presentations. Support for event registration and branding is supported. Other important features of iVocalize include co-browsing (simultaneous browsing of a web page among multiple users) and surveys. You will not receive any statistical reports on your event.

ReadyTalk Web Meeting

Ready Talk Web Meeting is a browser-based GoToWebinar alternative that you can use to conduct online events. ReadyTalk Web Meeting costs $49 dollars per month for events up to 25 participants. The main features are: screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, chat and sharing presentations. The reporting and branding functions of the event are also fully supported. It is not possible to record the event if it does not charge additional costs. Even VoIP audio is not included, but ReadyTalk Web Meeting integrates its service with a separate phone-based conference system, which varies according to the minutes of its duration. For all the events you want to schedule, you can set up email reminders and follow up messages, marketing campaigns, and social media marketing. You can also poll and record the event, and then archive it.

NetDive eAuditorium

NetDive eAuditorium is a server-based GoToWebinar alternative that allows you to organize and manage large online meetings. eAuditorium is available for Windows and Unix servers, at a price ranging between $99 without support plus an unspecified cost per single participant, and $5000 per meeting for up to 100 guests. Participants can follow the event using any browser and any operating system. The main features of the service are: screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, chat, online presentation sharing, and customizable branding. Other features include live polls, auctioning and co-browsing. There will be no features for event registration and branding.

LotusLive Meetings

LotusLive Meetings is a solution for creating and conducting online seminars for no more than 200 participants. Both the present and the participants can take part in the event using any operating system and any browser. LotusLive Meetings costs $6 / month per user to handle an unlimited number of meetings. To arrange events with a number of participants of no more than 1000 participants, you must contact the department responsible for sales. The main features of the service are: screen sharing, video conferencing, interactive whiteboard, chat, and slideshow sharing. Other features include: easy handling of the participants and the possibility of proposing polls.


AnyMeeting is a free GoToWebinar alternative to manage an online video conference or a webinar. Up to six participants can interact on video simultaneously, but up to 200 people can participate in your live webinar. You can also share the screen, record online meeting, send custom invitations to the participants, and collect participants’ emails to get them back in the future. If you want to get rid of the advertisements that make the service available for free, prices start at $17.99. Reports are not available after the webinar.

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