A Checklist for Office Hunting

Business is booming and thinking ahead, you know it will soon be time for an office expansion. The company has gone from strength to strength and you have now reached the stage where space is at a premium, and before you set off to view potential office venues, here is a list of things to bear in mind.

Office Hunting

  • Think Big – The initial move will not be cheap, and while it was necessary, you should be looking at the future when viewing office space. That extra area could come in very handy during busy periods, and you might have to expand your sales team, and if things like these are taken into account, you won’t have to relocate until you are listed on the Stock Exchange.
  • Location is Everything – As with all businesses, you want yours to be in a favourable location, and while you might pay a little more in rentals, you will be sending out the right image. The Internet can help you in your search, and you can simply tell an online real estate broker what you are looking for, and he will do all the hard work for you, shortlisting a few premises that fit the bill.
  • Renovation – The new office needs to be fitted out, and the best thing to do is call in a professional office fitout company, and they will arrange and oversee the entire project, leaving you to run your business. If you happen to be based in London, Saracen Interiors are the ideal people to talk to, as they are experienced in all aspects of office fit outs and relocations.
  • Budget – The move will take a chunk of your working capital, but if you are careful and use the right relocation services, it should be doable. Factor in everything, which should be easy because the office relocation firm would quote you an all in price, and add a little for those unexpected costs that always seem to come along.
  • Good Access – Your new offices should have adequate access and parking space, along with secure perimeter fencing and gating, if applicable. If your business involves keeping large amounts of stock, then make sure there is adequate space for even the busiest of times.
  • The Lease – The terms and conditions of your lease should be examined by the company solicitor, and it should give you the option for a further lease period, should you require it. There might also be limitations on rental rates, protecting you from a sudden hike that comes out of the blue.
  • Your Employees – As they will be the ones who are working in the new space, they ought to take a look before any decisions are made, and by knowing how they feel, you can make a more informed decision. After all, no boss wants an unhappy workforce and by involving them in the selection process, you are creating a sense of belonging in your staff.

Office relocation can be stressful at the best of times, and by using a professional company with experience in the field, the move will be stress-free and your business uninterrupted.

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