A Cocktail of Modalert & Alcohol: Should they Mix?

Modalert is one of the most famous names in the world of bio-hacking and the use of nootropics. It is a sought-after generic brand of Modafinil which is often cited as the closest thing to the limitless Pill.

Apart from the prescribed use of Modafinil 200 as a wakefulness-promoting drug, it has gained immense popularity as a cognitive-enhancing drug among people of various professions such as doctors, pilots, soldiers, CEOs.

It is also massively loved by students for its neuroenhancement properties that it has also been dubbed as a “study drug”.

People have been using this smart drug and been enjoying the various benefits it gives them such as laser-sharp focus, enhancing their memory retention capacity and even building their problem-solving skills up.

Many people have started using it on a regular basis for the amazingly wonderful experiences offered by Modafinil for their bodies and brain. But it also made people wonder if Modalert is good to be taken with Alcohol as drinking has now become more of a social activity instead of a lifestyle choice as it was in the past.

Let’s dive and explore the effects of Alcohol and Modalert on your body when they are taken together.

Doctors and expert health advisors suggest that you must not consume alcohol while you are using Modalert (Modafinil) as it may increase the chances of you having side effects of the medication.

It can also be that your body may produce some unwanted reactions when the drug Modafinil mixes with alcohol. Even if no major side effects are seen in some other person, your body may react differently to it.

We advise you not to combine this medication and Alcohol for the safety for your health. Following your doctors’ advice is the best course of action when you are doubtful about the effects of the medication and its combination with any other substance.

What happens if you consume Alcohol soon after taking Modalert (Modafinil)?

If you consume alcohol with Modafinil it will decrease your capacity to drink as well as lower down your alcohol tolerance level. That way even if you drink a little, you will feel a lot drunk. It will bring down your concentration level as well. Therefore, it is best if do not drink with a few hours of taking Modalert 200 tablet.

What happens if you consume Alcohol about 6-8 hours after taking Modalert?

If you take a tablet of this medication in the morning and you consume alcohol later during the day, let’s say after a day of work of about 8 hours, the Modafinil will still be in your system. It will increase your capacity to drink, but you may not feel the negative consequences of your drinking very soon. This may make your drink more than you can handle later when the Modafinil is out of your system.  

What happens if you consume Alcohol about 12-15 hours after taking Modalert?

If you consume alcohol after about 12 to 15 hours of using Modalert, then it will not affect you much if you had taken one dosage of Modalert 200 mg during the day. It will be almost out of your system if you do not repeat the dosage during the day. It is generally considered safe to drink alcohol after these many hours have passed.

Usually, if you consume alcohol any time after 6-8 hours of the Modalert dosage then, you must realize that you will get drunk quickly without realizing it.

But you must remember that each person has a different body and reacts differently so some people may feel nauseous and sick after combining both these substances.

But it has been reported by most people who use Modafinil and alcohol (Except when taken together or immediately after it), they developed an increased tolerance for alcohol, they drank more past their usual limit. If you plan to drink a lot, Modafinil may help. But it is not at all recommended by us as it may affect your health adversely.

Many people also say that after they consume alcohol, Modafinil works as a quick hangover remedy after you pop it in the morning.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that the use of alcohol with the medication Modalert will produce different results in each individual. Some may have a positive experience with it, some may experience adverse effects of combing it. The impacts depend on the timings, dosage and lot many other factors. Hence it is best to follow the good old doctors’ advice and never attempt to mix these two substances.

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