A quick guide to the ferry ports of Batam


With numerous ports, it can be hard to choose the ferry one should ride on the way to their hotel in Batam, Indonesia from Singapore or Malaysia. Whether they are a business traveler pressed for time or a tourist wanting to unwind, they would want to select an arrival and departure point that is not too far from their hotel. Batam center seaport is a busy seaport has the most frequent ferry connections to Singapore and Johor Bahru in Malaysia. However, ferries from this port take the longest route from Batam to Singapore, which takes approximately one hour to complete. Located near the Mega mail shopping centre, the Batam Center seaport is one of the best choices for residents in the area and for those who need to go to a government office.

There a big, secure parking area for cars and motorbikes which is also available for ferry passengers, with an option for overnight parking. The sekupand seaport is popular for being jump-off point for the fastest ferries from Batam to Singapore ferries departing from this point takes the shortest route when going to Harborfront. It is also a major port for ferries going to domestic destinations like the Sumantran mainland and the Karimun Islands. Commonly used by golfers en route to Batam hills. Harbor Bay Seaport is relatively new port in Jodoh which is ideal for guests booked in any of the hotels in Nagoya. It is the intended replacement for the old Batu Ampar ferry terminal, with trips from Harborfront in Singapore to the port which takes only 40minutes. To make travel one can reserve ferry tickets online.

Singapore ferry services:

Only offering trips to Singapore, ferries at this port mainly serve tourists going to Palm spring Golf resort or other nearby resorts in the Turi Beach or Batam view areas. However, the Nongsapura ferries dock at the Tanha Merah terminal is only ten minutes away from the Changi International Airport. Like Nongsapura, this port only offers ferries to and from Singapore, servicing tourists going to nearby resorts. Mostly surrounded by apartments and hotels in Batam, Indonesia, it also offers parking space for passengers. Bintan, the largest of the 3200 islands of the Riau Archipelago, lies less than 40 kilometers from Singapore and boats some lush tropical forests and beautiful white beaches.

Despite of its relatively large size, Bintan is not too populated, which means that the pristine coastline is long enough to accommodate the island’s resort which leaves enough space for nature. Ferries travel to the ferry terminal at Bandar Bintan Telani, which serves the area of Bintan Resorts. In any case, the journey from Singapore takes around one hour or less. There are many websites that offers ferry ticket and provides best service to their customers. Batam center Ferry terminal has the most frequent ferry connections to and from Singapore and Johor Bahru. Sekupang is the best place for those of them who want to catch a domestic connection to Sumantra and the Karimun islands.

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