Air Conditioning Guide in Ithaca NY

We rarely think about the condition of our HVAC system because it isn’t something that breaks every day or has parts that should be changed once a week. It is something that you check once every season and when it comes to AC you just change the filter. But, most people don’t know what to do when it breaks down and who to call. The majority don’t even know all the benefits you get when you have a good quality product. Get well-informed like at E&V Energy and learn more so you can know why it is important for your home.

You might get confused when you figure out how many types exist. The seller will need to know a few things about your home in order to provide a valid option that will work for you. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages but when you know what works properly, you can buy the best one.

Types of ACs

Your air conditioner shop should have 6 kinds including geothermal, hybrid, portable unit, window units, ductless and basic central unit. The central type combines the compressor, condenser and evaporator in one box and is usually placed on a concrete slab or the roof. Piping is going through the exterior wall and provides cooled air inside the house. This option can be combined with a natural gas furnace or heating coils.

Ductless is a very popular option for households that don’t have ductwork. It has two parts, the outdoor has a condenser and compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. Two parts are connected with tubing and refrigerant circulates between them. It’s similar to a window type because you will have one for each room.

Many homes still have window units that are used for single rooms but there are better options nowadays. Everything is placed in one box which means that is very suitable but it’s less efficient. As the name says, portable units can be moved around and work on the same principle as window type. Hybrid is using fossil fuels and electricity in order to save energy and money. Geothermal cooling and heating are relatively new and it uses the heat from the ground which makes it very efficient but also expensive. Read more on this link.

Which Type to Get?

It’s hard to make a decision on your own when you don’t know which one will be the most efficient. Some of the factors that are important include square footage, budget, warranties and other features. Those that are made to cool a single room like portable AC are the cheapest but also the least effective choice. You can look up the ductless system if you want to save money and heat up a few rooms but for the whole house, it will add up costs quickly.

Central and geothermal are the most efficient and will last for a long period of time. When placing them, you need to know which area is the best when you consider home square footage. It’s the most important factor because you want to transport the heat equally throughout the house. Get a piece of advice from a professional if you want to make sure you are making the right choice.

Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Besides buying the right product you need to know how to maintain it and what issues can occur. Sometimes, there won’t be the need to buy a new one just because you don’t know how to fix the old. The first thing you should check is the refrigerant. It’s responsible for removing the humidity and heat from the air. Replacing it may not fix all your problems because there can be a leak in which case you should call a technician to find it and repair it.

Another typical reason why your AC won’t work is a dirty or clogged filter. You need to remember to change it as the manufacturer suggests and also always buy the exact kind of filter that you need. There is a different type for each kind of AC and if you want to cut down the costs get those that are changed every 3 months. It may cause more issues like freezing the unit so check if the light can pass through it and if it can’t, it is time to clean it. Read more here:

One of the essential parts is the fan that blows air through the outdoor condenser that discharge absorbed heat outside and another that users inside air over the evaporator coil to cool it. Both need to work if you want to have an efficient product so check for debris and dirt, worn belts, lack of lubrication or a faulty motor depending on the kind. It’s noticeable when the airflow is poor and when you need to fix it. If you don’t fix it on time, it can lead to compressor failure. Learn more about various types of home appliances, on this website:

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