All about cabin fans and their features

With the gradual advancement of science, technology, and mankind – the comfort zone and desires of the human race have been moving its way up the graph as well. There had been a time when mankind could survive without the things that we count in today as basic necessities. However, first came the ceiling fan which could only be attached to the ceilings in rooms. But, soon it was felt that when it comes to proper circulation of air including the corners – the ceiling fans often lacked that. Therefore, next came the cabin fans which ensured the fulfillment of that earlier paucity.

Names of renowned manufacturing companies

In the due course of time, many of the companies have emerged and acquired name and fame in the market of cabin fans, their products being really affordable, user-friendly and long lasting. Names of such companies are – Orient, Havells, Bajaj, Atomberg etc.


Under Havells, Ciera is one of the best available models in cabin fans which are ideal for low heights. For safety purpose, there is grill protection. In terms of performance, it provides more than two thousand hi air thrust which is really good. There are no pull chords to regulate the fan speed and the blade finish has been made opaque. The designing of the blade is quite balanced and aerodynamically suited and styled. The weight is pretty much less and the noise level is 60-63 dB.


One of the best things about Bajaj Ultima cabin wall fan is that – the model has been made to take up as less space as it can and the design and style are sure to catch your eyes at once. This specific model comes with a one year warranty. This one has approximately twenty-two hundred air thrust capacity. Bajaj Ultima has rotating grills and provides a very high speed.


Orient is a globally recognized company in the market of cabin fan. Orient Spind 300 3 Blade Cabin fan looks very classy and decent without much-complicated designing. The material used for its manufacturing is high-quality plastic which makes it quite durable. This fan has three blades which are the most common ones found. The specific model comes with a warranty of two years. But, being one of the leading brands it easily runs without any difficulty for years.


Most of the fans that we use are functions through switches. However, Atomberg has not launched their series of cabin fans yet, however, the ceiling fans are very popular in the market since its release. The ceiling fans, unlike the ones of other companies, function through remotes rather than switches which can be considered quite an achievement in the progress of an idea. Therefore, it can be anticipated that after the launch of the cabin fans – they will be really capturing a good amount of the market. Atomberg’s cooling fan price is the best price you will get in the market

Some basic features of cabin fans

Some of you might think cabin fans to be too regular to have any specific features. However, there are certain advancements even in this field which have been listed below:

  • Blades are these days aerodynamically designed for equal and proper circulation of air and air delivery.
  • There are also special features like gyroscopic movement which allows the user to set the wind direction manually.
  • Some of the fans are ideal for low heights, while some go well even in quite high walls.
  • Various fans are made of the material called polypropylene which resists overheating when used for a considerably longer period of time.

How to choose?

While buying a cabin fan, one thing that is to be kept in mind is – where do you want to fix it. Accordingly, you can choose between specifications, features or types.

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