Anabolic and Androgenic Effects

Many health supplements manufactured for bulking up are specially designed with bodybuilders and athletes in mind. Some steroids which promote the growth of male hormone testertone helps in building skeletal muscles and framework which are in particular called as anabolic-androgenetic steroids. These products directly impact the human growth hormone thus influencing growth pattern in particular individual. Most of these products produced in lab artificially outside human body are produced by DNA recombinant technology. In this technology, multiple DNA’s of different characteristic are combined together to form one product of our desired structure. These products when not produced in a controlled environment are labeled a bit unstable upon human usage. But these products are still used by many people even if there is a legal ban.

Methyl testertone

One such product which is high on androgenetic, as well as anabolic activity, is Methyl testertone. Desoxymethyltestertone is a derivative of the former product with same base molecular structure. This product is a strong oral anabolic steroid and is also called as “designer methyl testertone”. One of the famous brand names by which this is popular is Madol. The base structure of methyl testertone components has been modified to meet the requirements in such a way that this product has high anabolic effect – main effect to grow or bulk up muscles. While other anabolic steroids are rated normally on a scale of 100 or 500 this is rated 1200/185. Most of the anabolic steroids are only wasted products after passing through the liver. This product despite high ratings seem to have very strong, but only 40% of this product is available after consumption and passing through the liver.

Where to purchase this product?

This product is highly effective and well known among bodybuilding circle. This is considered as one of the strongest dosage product that has high anabolic effect when compared to other products in the same range. Due to the threats and instability, it may give due to wrong dosages, this product is banned and not manufactured in many countries. So, definitely, this is not a drug recommended by physicians for body building nor prescribed for medicinal usage. The only place where this can be purchased in from underground labs and in black markets.

Safety measures and dosages

Always body builders and professionals need to show extra caution while selecting a particular product for bulking up. Given the background about this product, it is extremely important to see if this product can be avoided. However, if you still want to make a purchase, note down the quality ingredients that are part of the product, check the manufacturing labs to see if they are sterile and neat enough, check on labeling in milligram strength, dosage instructions and other minor things. It is said that since this product is not recommended for human use safe dosages are not known. But, it is said that an average of 5mg to 15 mg per day is taken by athletes and professionals in regular cycles. To maintain balance, it is also said that athletes take half dosage in morning and remaining in the evening. As seen, the consumption and usage are not approved nor prescribed hence intake of desoxymethyltestosterone is purely a risk taken by users.

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