Are you using the right body wash for your skin

The market is replete with soaps and liquid body washes of all description. Many of them claim to have the best perfumes, while they all unanimously claim to be packed with skin-friendly ingredients. It is easy to buy into this marketing spiel and pick a product from a reputed company – it may even work well and clean the skin like it professes to do. But have you asked yourself: Is your body wash really cleaning your skin?


Most soaps today simply touch the skin and are washed off thereafter. They may not have the ability to do anything more than mildly perfume the skin for a while. However, the best body washes are those that not only cleanse the skin thoroughly, but also impart a pleasant fragrance on contact. They also plump up the skin by promoting deep hydration, so that the skin’s tissues are awash with moisture for a longer time.

The case for antibacterial body wash

While we’re on the subject of taking showers, it must be mentioned that most people do not have the time for leisurely baths, or soak their bodies in the bathtub after a hard day at work. Most people are in and out of the shower in under five minutes, racing to get dressed and head out to work or college. There is simply no time – except on the weekends – to take long baths and pay proper attention to the skin and hair.

This is why you must arm yourself with an antibacterial body wash that has a fast-acting formulation designed to remove and kill over 99% germs on contact. The body wash may be in liquid form, thus making it even more convenient to use for busy people. Just take a coin-sized amount on your loofah, squeeze a couple of times and scrub the entire body with it. The body wash works up a rich lather that spreads quickly on wet skin and is easily rinsed off as well.

Normal soaps and body washes cannot slough away the germs and dirt festering on the skin, the way an antibacterial body wash can.

The antibacterial body wash is designed to kill germs and bacteria proliferating on the skin’s surface. Thus, the skin becomes totally clean after the shower.

The body wash contains skin-hydrating ingredients that help the skin replenish lost moisture and essential oils. Thus, the skin becomes suppler and soft.

The loofah removes dead skin and dried sweat and oils from the skin’s surface. Thus, the skin is less oily and hence, less prone to trapping dirt and dust, which lead to such problems as excessive oiliness and acne.

Thus, antibacterial body washes offer more comprehensive protection than the usual scented ones do. Which one do you prefer?


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