Beach Please- top Goa beaches to treat the beach lover in you

The paradise for college kids around the nation, a perfect honeymoon spot for newly married couples, a perfect retreat for everybody in common, Goa. Come winters and everybody starts planning a trip to Goa, to get away from the chills of North Indian winters. The cheap alcohol, scenic beaches, lively pubs and amazing weather add on to the grandeur of this state. Along with this, you can also book cheap hotels in Goa for a comfortable and budget-friendly trip.The beaches are mainly divided into two based on the location as; south Goa beaches and north Goa beaches. Although the state boasts of more than fifty beaches, there are fifteen beaches which attract the highest tourist population. What makes the beaches so special and different from other beaches in India is its silver-y sand. The food is also a perfect mix of west and east with influence of Portugal culture. The bakery products and seafood are unique to the state and attract a lot of foodies from the world. The list of top beaches in Goa includes:Mandrem Beach– Located in North Goa, Mandrem Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Goa, thanks to its beautiful treat to the eyes of the visitors. This secluded beach is unexplored by the tourists, and thus, becomes an ideal holiday destination when it comes to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed environment. Exploring Mandrem village and Dolphin spotting points are the best activities that one can do. For a romantic evening, you can sit with your partner with feet dipped in the water. Moreover, hotels near the beach make your stay comfortable.Anjuna Beach– Known for its rock formations, night parties, eateries, good music and flea markets, Anjuna Beach is a combination of both beauty and fun. The party culture along with trance music parties is what makes this beach famous among youngsters. In the flea market, you can shop for funky jewelry, mementos, and much more.Baga Beach– Another popular beach in Goa is Baga Beach that offers not just mesmerizing views of the beaches but also water sports and an amazing nightlife. Mouth-watering food, beach shacks, karaoke and good accommodation are all top attractions. You can also explore this beach between September and November when the National Wind Surfing Championship is held. Candolim Beach– Situated close to Princess River and 13km at North of Panaji, Candolim beach is known for its atmosphere and scenic beauty. It hosts thousands of tourists every year and does not cease to amaze them in any manner. The beautiful sunset and serene atmosphere make this beach a popular place to unwind and relax. Adventure freaks can go for water skiing and parasailing. The beach is situate close to Calangute beach but is comparatively less crowded. You can visit this beach in December to be a part of sunburn festival.The beaches in Goa are not only known for their scenic views and waters but also for water sports. There are varieties of water sports you can indulge in once in Goa. From banana rides to jet skis the water sports are endless. While in Goa enjoying beaches can also be rendered true with fishing for your favorite seafood yourself.All this and a lot more, make Goa a perfect destination for vacations. The state garners to tourists of all kind whether students with pocket money or families with a decent budget to spend on the stay and food. If you want to book cheap hotels in Goa you can use multiple ways to review the property first. Learn more about the health benefits of visiting the seaside regions and cities, on this website:

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