Breathe Easy: How To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Tips and information on improving the air quality in your home with simple changes and adaptations, to help your whole family breathe easier.

Air Quality In Your Home

Low air quality is something that we all have to deal with in certain areas like the city or anywhere heavily built up. When we are at home, we assume we are free from the nasty polluted air outside and that our indoor air quality in our homes is safe.

Unfortunately that isn’t necessarily the case and it could be that the air quality in your home is not that great. It could be spreading germs, causing you health issues and generally not doing your lungs any good. Luckily there are lots of things you can do to improve it, improving the breathing space of your entire family.

What Causes Indoor Air Quality To Drop

There are so many things that can decrease the quality of the air in your home. Cleaning products, candles, chemical treatments on furniture, carpets, mould, heating equipment and smoking habits can all cause issues with the air you breathe in.

Combined, low quality air in the home can cause all kinds of health problems and can even contribute towards long term health issues like cancer or lung disease.

Improving The Air Quality In Your Home

You can make just a few really small changes which improve the air quality hugely in your home. Follow these tips to help get started on easier breathing for your family:

Let The Air In

As soon as it gets cold, we tell ourselves we must shut out all that cold air, which only circulates all the used air in the home. Open the windows and doors as much as you can, even in winter, and let that fresh air circulate.

Switch To Cleaner Cleaning Products

Avoid heavy chemicals with your cleaning and go non-toxic. Supermarkets have cheap, eco-friendly options or you could even make your own for minimal cost.

Deal With Damp

Damp causes mould and mildew which is very bad for your health. It can cause black mould around floor tiles and wall tiles, it can cause mould to grow on furniture and in the corners of the room. Finding the source of the damp is the priority so you can fix the moisture and stop it causing nasty mould problems.

Consider What You Put In The Air

Smoking in the home is a bad idea all round and if you can’t quit, try to create an outdoor smoking area you can use all year round. That way your home won’t be full of stale smoke and pollutants.

Deal With Dust

Dust and debris is part of life but you can get rid of it as much as possible. Changing bedsheets regularly, hoovering as much as possible, sealing grout between porcelain tiles (Décor Tiles have a good range) and dusting will help keep dust amounts down.

If you are still concerned about the air quality in your home, there are air purifiers and units that can purify your air even further. Do your research though as some claim to do things that aren’t necessarily proven and you might be better investing your money in things like anti-allergen cork tiles or anti-allergen bedding.

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