Building Properties for a Living? Get a Trade Discount Now!

Being a professional builder is a very lucrative trade, if you’ve played your cards right and marketed your business aggressively. Of course, marketing is not the only trick of the trade when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

The other trick is to be frugal about the things you spend money on, both as a person and as a business. This means that, in order to maximize your profits, you should be able to keep your overhead as low as possible.

For a professional builder who deals with lots of materials that can actually become expensive, how do you keep your expenses to a minimum? The answer is – getting trade discounts for Victorian professional builder companies from Bowens.

What is a Trade Discount?

Simply put, Bowens offers discounted prices for people who buy their construction materials from the company, if they are using the materials for their business. It’s an exclusive discount scheme for those who sign up from the program using the functionality in the company’s website.

With trade discounts for professional builder, contractors like yourself or your company can purchase their construction materials and even equipment for a lower price than the retail. As a member of the program, you can reduce the amount of capital you need in order to start a project, but while keeping to the same income margin that you’re enjoying.

Bowens has long since established itself as a reliable name in the construction and building industry, so signing up for the special trade discount for professional builder companies is totally worth the effort and price.

Why Sign up with Bowens?

Bowens has an established reputation, built over 125 years of operating in the Australian market. You can be sure that you’re in good hands, when you entrust your materials sourcing to this reputable company by signing up for their trade discount program.

Wherever you may be in Australia, you can rest assured that each material requisition done through Bowens’ website will be speedy and convenient. You simply make the order, and then you can expect the Bowens truck to pull up to your project site within the day, or the next day.

When you look at the company’s website, it says, “Every Store, Every Location.” Wherever you may be, there will certainly be a Bowens warehouse to answer to your needs.

In addition to that, Bowens has armed its bulletproof courier service with a reliable tracking system that makes use of GPS. Tracking is accurate, nearly to the minute. You probably will not need it, however, because service is so speedy that you can rely on the delivery to be there right when you expect it.

Another plus factor is convenience – everything that you need to do in order to become a member of the discount program are all in the Bowens’ official website. Through the dedicated Trade Account portal, you can start making your orders and enjoy your construction materials at discounted rates. Learn more about Various platforms that allow the user to easily sell or purchase the property, on this website:

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