Choosing the Right Pizza Stone for Your New Kitchen

It’s always every pizza lover’s quest to prepare some of the exquisite yeasted flatbread with the desired toppings at home-a pizza stone always comes first when compiling a list of the necessary requirements before commencing. But with a variety of pizza stones available, which one is the best pick for you? Before settling on the right pizza stone, you will have to consider both your personal needs as well as your kitchen habits. Are you after an ultra-crispy crust? Does it have to move in and out of your oven easily? Regardless, below are some few tips that will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best pizza stone.

Size Of The Pizza Stone

The size of the pizza stone is vital when it comes to choosing the best that suits you. It would be of no use to buy a pizza stone that doesn’t fit in your microwave oven. Before making a purchase, always consider the width as well as depth of your microwave cavity. Make sure that the dimensions for the selected pizza stone go hand in hand with your microwave’s. More so, if you are using a gas oven, it’s advisable to leave a 1 inch space from either side of the stone so as to allow proper air circulation while baking.

The Pizza Stone’s Finishing

Pizza stones usually come in two types: the glazed and the unglazed pizza stones. Many retailers usually offer the latter more for sale as compared to the glazed. Due to this you first have to be decided on the type that you wish to purchase before making an order. The unglazed variant is made of porous materials and is able to absorb excess moisture from your pizza or the food stuff on it. On the other hand, the glazed variant is less porous as compared to the unglazed, thus one may fail to obtain an ultra-crispy pizza during baking. Cast Elegance pizza stones have several examples of different finishes.

Thickness Of The Pizza Stone

Another important factor to consider while shopping for the best pizza stones is it’s thickness. The thicker the pizza stone the crispier the food and the more evenly cooked your meal will be. This is made possible because with a thicker material more heat is absorbed. Additionally the heat is distributed evenly throughout the stone, this in turn facilitates uniform cooking across the stone.

Planned Expenditure

Once you have identified the best pizza stone, you should also consider the cost that you are willing to incur. You can search on online stores or at your local retailer so as to find the best choice. You’ll be surprised that a $72 baking pizza stone at your local retailer goes for roughly $44 at an online store. More so, if you don’t have the funds ready, you can take time to save and plan ahead.

By nature, all pizza stones are heavy. It’s therefore advisable to check if a retailer offers shipping services for free or at an extra cost. Either way, the next time you wish to buy the best pizza stone for your household or business make sure to adhere to the above tips.

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