Clean Email Addresses in Bulk with CaptainVerify

Most electronic mail platforms suggests predictively email addresses while the user is trying to fill out the recipient field. They store all the former addresses you already used even just once. They are not saved in your directory but in a simple list of previous addressees. But the problem is that some of them are completely of no use, they may be expired, irrelevant or indiscreet. CaptainVerify helps you clean them effectively in bulk.

clean email adresses

How CaptainVerify Remove those Unwanted Email Addresses?

Sometimes, the auto-completing of the “To” field when you want to send an email can be helpful but it is not always the case. Very often, this option causes mistakes with regard to the recipient’s address. To clean up all the auto-complete email addresses from your list, CaptainVerify first analyze your email list for an in-depth audit of your CSV file which is encrypted via SSL. In fact, you can delete the stored addresses one by one manually but it will take you too much time and the effectiveness is not even guaranteed. The best solution is then to obtain the services of

CaptainVerify verifies your emailing list quickly in order to clean it correctly and save the addresses you do not want to lose. You will not be bothered with invalid or expired email address propositions anymore. You will avoid all risks of wrongly typed and wrongly spelled addresses. You will also finish with the spamtraps, honeypots and all the “return to sender” stuff. In a nutshell, your messaging deliverability will be substantially improved. The company ensures fast and secure performances to both individuals and professional customers.

Why Clean Email Address in Bulk?

The difficult part of removing auto-complete email addresses in bulk is to know whether they are still valid or useful. It also may happen that some of your contacts have different email addresses and that they do not use all of them. To avoid too many automatic entries, a clean operation in bulk is needed. Thus, you will just keep the most relevant and convenient ones. Besides, this will minimize the risks of sending mistakes of all types. CaptainVerify will make sure to remove all the useless addresses from your list so that they will not pop up to bother you any longer. You will profit from a professional expertise. The specialist will analyze your list of auto-filled addresses to set up the right cleaning method. You will have at your disposal an expert who will provide you tailored responsive services.

In sum, if you are done with invalid, expired and useless email addresses which are keeping to pop up every time you try to fill the recipient field, contact CaptainVerify who will ensure you fast and meticulous work meeting all of your expectations. In addition to erase the wrong addresses from your emailing lists, CaptainVerify can also enhance the deliverability of all of your electronic messages. Your data will be refined for a better segmentation of your mailing lists. For enterprises, this can improve the marketing campaigns significantly.

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