Confirm the launch of Google Pixel 2 and its price will remain high

The Pixel is one of the most desired phones, but it is not possible to buy it almost anywhere. Will that change with your next version?

Google Pixel 2

Although all the experts agree on how good it is, the Google Pixel has not come to Spain and it has all the looks that it will not do it. Perhaps that is why it is so interesting to start reading the first rumors about what will be its successor, Google Pixel 2.

With appropriate excitement, it can be expected what Google will have to offer for the Pixel 2. Until this is officially presented, a few months will pass, but XDA Developers will now have the first hardware details, which are largely consistent with earlier reports.

Perhaps the most prominent rumor and one that seems more certain to be true is that of water resistance. According to 9to5Google, which is where much of the information on the Pixel 2 comes up, the phone will include this option.

Undoubtedly, it was one of the weakest points of the first model and something that placed it behind the Samsung Galaxy S7, which resists water and dust; and the iPhone 7, which resists water. It remains to be seen if Google gets better resistance than Apple’s phone, against which it has most clearly positioned itself since its introduction.

There is also talk of a better battery for the 5-inch version. The Pixel XL had a battery acceptable for its size and model, but that could not be said of its smaller brother. It looks like this will change with the next version.

More interesting than the battery is the rest of the guts of Pixel 2. According to several sources, Google could launch to develop its own developer and do without Qualcomm, which integrated its Snapdragon 821 inside the first model. If the company takes this step, it would be opting for the same path as Apple, which integrates ‘brains’ developed by them on the iPhone.

However, this time, there will also be purely external differences between the two devices, and this is mainly on the screen. If the new Pixel XL but for the first time an OLED screen (1.440 x 2.560 pixels) directly from LG use itself, instead of a panel of Samsung to grab. A few months ago, a report appeared, according to which Google wants to participate with nearly one billion dollars in the display department of LG, in order to secure itself over years to secure displays for its own devices.

Finally, the cameras are clear that they will improve. The leaks point out that this point will remain a key of the phone and that in Google they look for yes or yes continue emphasizing in this area. There is nothing clear about what improvements they will introduce.

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