Coping with depression during the phase of pregnancy

A natural feeling of emotion creeps in when you are pregnant. In case if sadness takes over the happiness quotient then you are suffering from antenatal depression.

More about antenatal depression

This is a form of depression where you are depressed for the entire duration of pregnancy. Suicidal during pregnancy thoughts take over you. This condition could be from mild to severe and can have an impact on a pregnant woman in various ways. There are some women who suffer from depression once the baby is born. This is known as postnatal depression.

Pregnancy poses to be a complex phase and it is pretty difficult to figure out whether it is an emotional phase or it could be something of serious nature. The pregnancy hormones could have an impact on your body and you could face difficult to sleep and even feel sick. A combination of such issues could make you feel low.

Rely on yourself as you are the biggest judge of your own abilities. Do discuss with your doctor if you have any symptoms of depression and if it goes on to last for more than a couple of weeks. Understand that depression is a normal disorder and you cannot rate it as a form of mental illness. There is no way where you cannot just snap out of it as right support or help is needed at this point of time.

What are the ways you can deal with depression?

Suicidal thoughts while pregnant might trigger the warning bells and it calls for preventive measures at the earliest. There are some women who face issues of guilt when everyone expects them to be happy. View that health care professionals are not there to judge as they consider it as a health condition. Generally it is not your fault as you need to get out of it as early as possible. They are going to devise a strategy that would enable you to come out of it in a fast and effective manner.

In case if you find it difficult to express your thoughts or feelings you can write it down on a piece of paper or ask someone to accompany you. An important pointer is that you need to inform someone so that timely help can be provided on all counts.

At the same time it is important that you let your doctor know if you had depression in the past because the possibility of it increases once the baby is born. They could provide you with the best form of support so that depression does not occur after pregnancy.

To conclude the treatment of depression includes counselling, talk therapies or a combination of various medicines. Each one of us is different, so what might work for you would not be the case with others. You might be directed to a mental health care specialist and they are going to monitor you in details during this phase. Finally the choice of your treatment eventually boils down to your own decision. Learn more about the impact of a mother’s health and mental condition on a child’s health, on this website:

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