CT scan and its procedure

A CT scan is basically a computerised topography scan which mostly helps the doctors to see clearly what has happened inside the patient’s body. it us mainly done by combining a combination of computers and X rays so that they can clearly take picture of the human organs, tissues and bones. They have a more detailed picture than regular and normal X rays.

One can go through a proper CT scan for any part of their body and the CT scan Chennai procedure does not take very long (maximum of 30 minutes) and it is also a painless procedure to go through.

How does a CT scan work?

Well, in this test there is a very narrow X ray beam that mostly circles around a particular part of the body. It mainly provides a series of X rays or images taken from various angles. The computer present there, uses those X rays and information to create some cross sectional pictures. They form mostly 2 dimensional slices of those X rays and organs present in the body. Then again the computer arranges all these scans together to make some # dimensional images. This in turn can give the doctor a better clarity of the bines, organs and blood vessels in a human body. in fact, the doctors try to find out if there is any tumour present in those organs which is needed to be operated.

How this test is performed?

In order to get this test done, one has to go to a proper radiology clinic or a hospital. In fact, the doctor may also suggest the patient not to eat anything or drink anything for a few hours just before the test is performed. The patient also has to wear a hospital gown and needs to remove any metal objects like jewelleries, belts, dentures and watches from their body before it is done.

This CT scan test is mainly performed by a radiology technologist and during the time of the test the patient has to lie on a table which is inside a large cylindrical CT machine. The table slowly then moves inside the scanner and the X rays keep rotating around the patient’s body to take proper pictures. At that point the patient can hear some constant whirring noise but they cannot move because any kind of movement can make the pictures blur. Also the patients are asked to hold their breath sometimes when the test is happening.

There are difference in opinion when it comes to how much time does it take to do a CT scan. In most cases it does not take more than half an hour but if the area that is needed to be covered is smaller then it can be only for 15 to 20 minutes.

Why a CT scan is recommended?

Well, there are many reasons why a CT scan is recommended by a doctor. The major reasons can be as follows:

  • This scan can easily detect the problems in bones and joints and can easily find if there is a bone fracture or if there is a tumour.
  • When one is suffering from cancer, emphysema or heart diseases then a CT scan can easily spot it and help the doctor that how it changes with time.
  • This scan can show if there is any internal injury which is causing bleeding and it has happened due to some car accident.
  • It can also locate any kind of blood clot, tumour, infection and excess fluid in the body.
  • Doctors also take help of this scan to get proper treatment plans and procedures like surgeries, biopsies, and radiation process.
  • Doctors can also compare previous Ct scan reports with the recent one of a patient and check out if their treatment plans are working out or not and if the internal organs are showing some improvement due to radiation or chemotherapy.

Why CT scans are done with contrast?

Well, in a CT scan the dense objects like bones are very easy to locate to see. But the soft portions or the soft tissues do not show up very well. So, in order to get the images of those areas carefully and clearly they have to appear clearly as well. In order to do that one needs a special liquid or a dye which is known as the contrast? This contrast mainly blocks the X rays and appear white in the scan making the soft organs and blood vessels prominent enough. This contrast material is mainly made from barium sulphate or iodine. Now a patient can intake this contrast in 3 ways.


Here the drug is directly injected to the vein and it is mostly done to help the gallbladder, blood vessels and urinary tract stand out in the test.


One has to drink a liquid with the contrast dye mixed in it and it helps in enhancing the scans of the digestive tract in the body.


If the intestines are supposed to be scanned then the contrast material has to be inserted in the rectum to get a better picture.

When a CT scan is done, the one gone through it needs to drink a lot of fluid especially water so that the kidney can release the contrast material from the body.

When it comes to risk factors, a CT scan used ionizing radiation which can be a bit harmful to a human body as these rays raises the chance of cancer in a human body; they are used in a very minimal rate in a human body during this scan which causes almost no harm. But yes, if CT scans are done on a regular interval then it can definitely cause some harms to human skins and bodies.

In case of children some other measures and precautions are to be taken as well and the doctor knows very well how to conduct that. So taking help from them is essential.

One should tell the doctor if they are suffering from diabetes or from other problems beforehand.  Proper CT scan in Chennai is done at any major hospitals.

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