Dealing with car service and maintenance centers

The issue of mistrust between car owners and authorized service centers is evident in the Arab world, and is a reason to prevent car owners from dealing with them as a result of exaggeration and other reasons .. But despite all these reasons, there may be no way to escape, We therefore give you some tips on how to deal with our service centers to ensure that you have the full right to service your car properly and within acceptable prices.

You should be aware of the problems you are experiencing while driving your car and try when you have a problem in your car recorded in a paper It is very useful to pay attention to the circumstances in which this problem occurs such as the speed of the car and the condition of the road and the type of sound you hear and the last maintenance or repair you have done your car inside the center the service.

When you go to the service center explain to the receptionist the problems you are facing and make sure that he has recorded all of this and you must return what you understand from you and also be sure to know the steps that the service center will take to repair faults and the cost of each step, whether the price of spare parts or the cost of workmanship and must note If there are some tests that must be carried out first before fixing the malfunction, ask for the cost of these tests and the time required for repair.Repairs should only be initiated after the customer’s approval. .

Try it in the presence of the receiving engineer before and after the repair. Many problems begin with the transfer of the wrong information to the receiving engineer and finally you have the right to receive the old spare parts that have been replaced with the receiver engineer explaining the reasons for change.

Providing full support for the product offered by the company is the main objective of the service centers in terms of providing technical support or spare parts and of course to achieve profits from the provision of the service, but the achievement of profits and huge gains may dominate the customer service and maintenance and repair of cars. The decline in sales of new cars deprives service centers from pumping new customers, while regular customers stop visiting service centers after the end of the warranty period – according to many statistics.

Despite the fact that the approved service centers include trained human cadres and the latest equipment and the number, but the team does not provide a distinctive and satisfactory service to the customer and this is shown by opinion polls to identify the rate of customer satisfaction, which indicated that the rate of customer satisfaction with the performance of service centers is relatively high and ranges from 62% to 93%, while the satisfaction rate of customers with the cost of repair and spare parts drops to 12% .. By studying other samples of customers found that the chances of buying the same type of cars reduced by 51% as the customer faced a bad experience with service centers for this type.

The convergence of the quality levels of different cars and the competition of companies in the field of prices has become limited because of the high cost and the price of the local currency has become a real competition in the type and quantity of after-sales services and there are new limitations in front of service centers for the high level of customer, which makes service centers launch from time to time Offers discounts and discounts on various manufactures ”

It remains important to test the car before leaving the center, and make sure to repair the malfunction, but also pay attention to the presence of the full parts of the original car and not replace parts on the grounds that they are idle without your knowledge. Learn more about various service center scams and frauds, on this website:


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