Different Types of Detoxification

Detox is a crucial process that many of us tend to ignore. We are told that our bodies have natural mechanisms to perform detoxification however, the obscured fact is that sometimes, these systems do need extra support. This is especially relevant today because the food we eat is becoming unhealthy, the air we breathe is polluted and even the water we have is sometimes contaminated. This coupled with numerous other factors that our bodies come in contact with give rise to higher levels of toxins in the body which can sometimes take a toll on our normal mechanisms.

Detoxification helps temporarily fill any gaps where the natural systems might be lagging. However, there are different types of detoxifications. These include the following:

Liver Cleanse

As the name indicates, these techniques are used to rid the liver of any harmful agents harboring within it. This is achieved through certain ingredients in the diet. Liver cleansing techniques make use of green and chlorophyll juices like dandelion green. Other foods that help in cleaning the liver include carrots, celery and lemons. There are certain spices that play a role in liver cleansing too. Examples include turmeric, cumin and rosemary etc. It is also important to avoid coffee and sodas while opting for purified water or apple juice instead.

Candida Cleanse

Candida is a type of fungus that is found within the body. It is responsible for a number of different infections and disorders including oral thrush and cadidemia etc. Normal human immune systems can keep the fungus in check however, if there are any shortcomings or lag, it starts to grow and give rise to numerous ailments in the body. A candida cleanse eliminates all sugar and sweet alternative from the diet to limit the source of nourishment for the fungus. In a candida cleanse all fruits, their juices, wheat and any products containing yeast as well as alcohol, mushrooms or cheese have to be abstained from.

Oxygen Colon Cleanse

This cleanse diet consists of a combination of ingredients that help you clean your digestive tract effectively. Ranging over a week, the cleanse makes use of distilled water, apple cider vinegar, a probiotic supplement, Oxy-powder andaloevera. This is one of the most effective and famous cleansing techniques however, it is important to consult a professional dietician for specific instructions regarding the impact of the oxygen colon cleanse technique on your body.


PassYourTest offers a wide variety of natural detox remedies that help you fast track your cleansing efforts. This is particularly essential when you want to achieve a specific target towards fitness or general health improvement. Undergoing a total body cleanse or specific organ detox can help you bring the faltering organ back to its optimum performance. The result is that it can help you provide a strong foundation for the body to fulfill any health enhancement goals or other objectives that you might have in mind.  

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