Different Types Of The Sewing Machines And Their Features

Sewing machines are used for stitching of clothes and embroidery etc. Different types including the Bernina sewing machines that are available in the market are highlighted as under:

  • Embroidery/Sewing Machines – Meant for sewing, monogramming and embroidery purposes, these machines can be used for projects including the pillowcases, bedspreads and garments.
  • Mechanical Machines – Such sewing machines are useful for the occasional sewers that work on budget projects. Manual controlling is the exclusive feature of the mechanical machines.
  • Electronic Machines – Such Bernina sewing machines or other brands are generally used for frequent sewing projects. Little costlier, these machines are equipped with the touchpad controls, pressure feet and LED screen and general settings for multiple stitch types.   

Following features of the sewing machines must be understood before buying the same:

  • Power Switch – This switch is meant for switching on or off the machine. Controls of the machines without this switch may be plugged into the safety strip with the master switch.
  • Speed control – This control is used for sewing the fabric at a stable speed without any stopping or hurdles. The type of the specific fabric determines the speed.
  • Stitches Those buying the sewing machines should check the maximum stitch length and width of the same before bringing it home. The number of stitches differs, i.e. from straight and zigzag to decorative stitching.
  • Tension adjustment – The tight thread may lead to puckered fabric while the loose thread could result in loopy stitches. So it needs to be adjusted suitably.
  • Top-Load Bobbin – The older versions of sewing machines were available with the facility of threading the bobbin in recessed compartment. But the new machines allow the users to simply slide open the panel and drop the bobbin in. Equipped with the clear cover, you are able to see when the thread runs low.
  • Automatic Buttonholer – Few sewing machines have the facility of inserting the button into a slot for sewing the buttonhole to fit suitably.
  • Feed-Dog Adjustment – Latest versions of sewing machines allow for dropping the toothy mechanism underneath the sewing surface for free-style embroidery or darning.
  • Needle Position – Users are allowed to move the needle and stitch line, from left to right or have the needle up or down while stopping. It is easier to lift the presser foot. The corner can be turned without jumping the stitches.
  • Needle Threader – It helps in pulling the thread through the needle eye and users are saved from squinting or frustration.
  • Pressure Feet – Machines with the multi-purpose foot allow you to do straight and zigzag stitches. The adjustable pressure foot is able to prevent puckering in fine fabrics and stretching in knits. You can choose the suitable pressure foot as per your convenience.

One should understand the above basics before buying the Bernina sewing machines or other brands including Singer, Brother, Kenmore and Husqvarna Viking etc. These useful features of the machines are quite helpful to make best use of these quality machines.

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