Different types of web hosting services – Beginners Guide

You must be aware that you need hosting to host your website or blog globally. For that, you must have hunted multiple hosting providers before signing up. But had you ever question yourself that which plan is best for your website or as per your requirement? I think you have not because most of the newbie does not know which plan is best for their website and on what parameter they should select the hosting plan. Here you will get a detailed explanation of different types of hosting solutions.

What is web hosting?

Let’s take a look at what is web hosting? Generally, you buy a space on the server to store the files of the website. It permits individuals and organizations to host a website or web page on the internet.  Plus, it provides technologies and service required for the website or webpage to be viewed online. The website is hosted or store on the servers and user type your website address or domain name into their browser to view your website. A server will connect your web page and deliver the page through the browser.

Most of the hosting providers offer domain and hosting included in their plan. If you are looking to host your website then look no further than MilesWeb hosting.

Types of hosting services:-

1) Shared Web Hosting

The shared hosting is a basic type of hosting service and it is generally preferred by individuals and small business owners who want to set up their website without investing huge money. You will get this plan at an affordable cost because you host your website on a single server along with multiple users.  In short, one server is shared between multiple users. There is a possibility that your website may get affected because of another user, therefore it is the responsibility of your hosting provider to monitor the server on a regular basis.

2) Reseller hosting:-

If you belong to a technical field and looking to start your own hosting business, then reseller hosting is the best option to start your hosting journey.  It permits you to sell different shared plans along with the separate cPanel, which again allow you to monitor your billing, storage, RAM, etc. There are multiple designers who have started their own hosting business simultaneously. You can check MilesWeb unlimited reseller hosting plan where you will get features like host unlimited websites, Free Spam Expert, Free Domain for a lifetime, etc.  

3)  VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the intermediate between shared and dedicated hosting.  In a VPS hosting environment, multiple Virtual Server is developed on a single server and each of the servers acts as a unique server.  It is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting and you get somelimitations as compared to shared hosting. Here you will get very fewwebsites hosted on the server and each has allotted separate space and resources. There multiple benefits of VPS hosting like you can host multiple websites, it gets scaled easily whenever required, it get’s deployed easily and you don’t have to wait for a longer period of time to set up the account, easy customization can be done on the server, etc.  Check MilesWeb VPS hosting where you will get Cloud infrastructure in your VPS hosting plan.

4) Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is suitable for those types of websites who receive a good amount of traffic. In dedicated hosting server, you rent a single server and you are the sole owner of the server. If you belong to technical background then you can manage your server easily or you can hire the good administrator. You can set up own hosting environment along with the operating system, customize the software and other settings as per your requirements. It is highly recommended for websites like e-commerce, gaming websites, video streaming, other website applications that consume a large number of resources. Looking for Cheap Dedicated Server India? Than check MilesWeb hosting!!

5) Cloud Hosting

In Cloud hosting configuration of the servers is done in a flexible way to get affordability and scalability while incorporating the web infrastructure. It works with multiple servers that are connected to each other and data is transferred from multiple servers. Due to its pay per usage feature, most of the big corporates prefer this type of hosting for their business website. In the cloud, your resources get scaled automatically vertically and horizontally. Cloud is all time best option for any type of business and it only needs technical knowledge to understand the working of the server.

I hope you must have got a clear idea about all types of hosting solutions and how they are different from each other completely.

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