Does A Junior ADU Need A Bathroom?

Building a junior ADU is a lot like building a regular ADU, with a few exceptions. There are a few different rules that apply to JADUs, resulting in people wondering; does a junior ADU need a bathroom? No, a Junior ADU does not need a private bathroom. Tenants must have easy access to the main home’s bathroom though. However, a JADU still does need other important aspects to be legal.

JADU Bathrooms

JADUs are attached units that share a wall with the primary home. They have a door that connects the primary home to the unit. Due to this, it is not mandatory that you install a bathroom in the JADU, as long as tenants can have access to the one in the primary home.

This is fine to save on ADU costs if your tenants are aging family members, caregivers, or family friends. However, you may want to consider installing a bathroom if you plan to rent your unit to strangers. It may not be comfortable for either of you to have to share a bathroom.

Should You Install A JADU Bathroom?

If the nearest bathroom in your home is upstairs or across the house from your JADU entrance, you may want to consider building one in the unit. If you don’t want to have to share your bathroom space with others or try to plan your schedules around who needs the bathroom to get ready, then you should build a JADU bathroom.

Other JADU Essentials

A JADU may not require a bathroom, however, it does require a kitchen, a separate entrance, and owner occupancy, and can only be up to 500 square feet. The kitchen must be an efficient kitchen, with a sink and something to cook with. Efficiency kitchens are considered removable kitchens with appliances that do not need more than 120 volts. They have a limited food preparation counter and storage. Their small size makes them common in regular ADUs as well when builders are trying to save space.

JADUs Don’t Need

As mentioned before, JADUs don’t need a private bathroom. They also don’t need their own parking nor do they need a full kitchen. This can help make them more affordable for homeowners to build. Learn more about different types of home equipment and appliances, on this website:

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