E-Passports For All The Responsible International Travellers

The United States is the land of dreams and a fascinating tourist destination. UK residents who travel to the US by air or sea need authorisation. Those who land there, even in transit, also have to be eligible. The embassies have an online electronic system to assist the visitors. Responsible travellers have to get online and fill in the ESTA form USA implements rules strictly, and so boarding denial or deportation are possible.

  • Friendly countries have a visa waiver program or VWP for travellers.
  • Those who intend to stay, study, or work for a long time still need visas.
  • ESTA is the short form of electronic system for travel authorisation.
  • The request form has to be filled online at any time prior to travel.
  • Visitors who plan ahead can submit the ESTA form and purchase tickets.
  • The form collects personal information and queries on VWP eligibility.
  • Those who successfully submit receive a reference number at the end.
  • Online applicants are advised to take a print out of the authorisation page.
  • ESTA confirmation does not automatically covenant admission on landing.
  • The final decision is made by the customs, border or sea port authorities.

Visa Waivers

The Visa Waiver Program rules admit citizens of friendly countries without fuss. But, ESTA has become mandatory since the year 2009. It adds a pre-authorisation requirement for existing VWP. All applicants have to compulsorily submit the online ESTA form USA government has mandated online mode as the only option.

Application Process

The ESTA form has to be filled in with details only using the English language.

  • First, You have to open the official website at this link –

  • Fill in details of address, contact number, passport expiry date, etc,.
  • Check all the input details before clicking the final submit button.
  • Make note of the application or reference number and take a print out.
  • Airline operators may ask for the print out after checking in procedure.
  • After that, Each visitor has to pay 14$ through the online payment gateway.
  • Applications are rejected or accepted immediately within a few seconds.
  • Alternatively, The status of the final decision can be checked within 72 hours.
  • The ESTA is valid only for a maximum period of 24 months or 2 years.

Visitors can spend a maximum period of 90 days in US and surrounding countries. Visa becomes mandatory after that, as there is no scope for extension under this program. Applicants do not receive any email, but they can retrieve application at the website.

Travellers to America from UK have to submit the online ESTA form USA government has directed airlines to mandatorily check for ESTA validity. The application forms are available in a digital format only at official website. Personal information and a payment of 14$ are necessary to complete the procedure. The e-passport is valid only for 2 years, and renewal is necessary after the expiry date. Those who are cleared for admission have to take a print out and retain photo copies. Learn more about the convenience of travel and related documents, on this website:

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