Essential Communication Skills That Give Entrepreneurs An Edge In The Market

Most entrepreneurs are aware that in order to operate a successful business establishment, they have to develop and improve their communication skills. These businesspersons may be the experts at what they do and are able to provide unique products and services to their clients in the marketplace. However, if they cannot converse effectively with the various stakeholders of their businesses, they will not be able to exploit potential opportunities in such an environment. In fact, this essential trait determines how well they manage their commercial enterprises in the world of finance and business. It also acts as a catalyst in helping them achieve the competitive edge over their rivals in the marketplace.


Amit Raizada, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist from the United States, explain it is important for aspiring businesspersons to develop and master the following essential communication skills:

  • Listening skills

Most people are very bad listeners when they are having a serious conversation with other individuals. This is because in many cases they try superimpose their own meaning of what others are telling them before letting such persons finish what they have to say. Proficient entrepreneurs know the importance of concentrating what the people with whom they are having a conversation with are saying. Only after understanding what others are communicating to them do they develop the discussion by pointing out their own views. Such effective listening skills acts as a catalyst in helping these businesspersons cater to the needs of their customers, influence investors and manage their employees.

  • Writing skills

Entrepreneurs need to have exceptional writing skills when they are looking for potential investors to put their money into their businesses or enter into partnership agreements. They need to impress such stakeholders with their feasibility reports of their business schemes if they want to raise more capital in the market. Moreover, many businesses are using the potential of the internet to expand their client base. In this digital platform, writing is the most effective form of communication. The more concise, lucid and persuasive their online business websites are, the more people they can reach out to with their products and services.

  • Speaking skills

Individuals who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs need to improve their speaking skills. After convincing potential investors on the feasibility of putting their money into their business schemes on paper, they may have to present such proposals to them in person. However, if they have poor speaking skills they will not able selling such proposition as expertly as they did on paper. In such a situation, the investors may even reconsider financing such projects. Even when it comes to making presentations to clients and motivating employees such communication traits are essential.

  • Reading skills

Reading helps entrepreneurs become aware of the changes taking place in the environment in which they operate their business establishments. This helps them to prepare effective strategies to overcome all obstacles and take advantages of opportunities that arise from such situations.

Amit Raizada says that the above essential communication skills act as a catalyst in helping entrepreneurs to strive in the marketplace.


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