Faster downlink LTE Cat 18 experience with LG G7 is crazy

Of course, LG G6 working with the LTE-networks, the module supports 12-th category with the theoretical data transfer rate of 600 Mbit / s. Radio is one, but the manufacturer offers a “smart” forwarding – to G6 can receive a call, enter the second sim card without resetting the one that at the moment takes place on the first and vice versa. Otherwise, everything is as usual -, it is necessary to choose what kind of card will be responsible for the transmission of data in advance. Amazing Korean news suggest that the upcoming beast of LG. LG G7 would feature a zippy X20 LTE modem, will support LTE Cat 18, giving a better experience of using faster data speed of 1.2 Gbps. Moreover, in LG G7 LTE modem, the maximum speed for downlink 155 Mbps is joyful. Additionally, the phone will also give you an immersive 360-degree video experience.


The results of the AndroiTS GPS Test

Various tests had been done with LG G6 on its navigation. The navigation module works with GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou, and quite confident – starts immediately, within 15 seconds, “see” up to 13 satellites and determines the location of up to 6 meters. In the future, however, it is a bit “floats”, constantly changing the number of satellites, with whom it connected, and the accuracy has not improved. However, for walking and for car navigation LG G6 fit properly. Hope upcoming LG G7 pass the same test giving out more impressive positive results.


LG has remained true to its dual-chamber system operating on a “one camera with a standard viewing angle, and the other – with a particularly wide.” But Koreans gradually modify the system: LG G5 and V20 cameras have radically different quality shooting (there was a difference in the resolution, and the physical size of the sensor, and light-gathering optics), but now the gap has narrowed considerably. LG G6 uses two almost identical 13-megapixel sensor value of 1 / 3.06 ”. Almost – because in one integrated phase focusing sensors, while the latter generally deprived of the autofocus module. Engineers decided that fixed at infinity focus for the mobile landscape photography will be enough. In principle, they are right, but it is necessary to want something original for this camera mode as soon comes to a stupor. Autofocus in G6, by the way, works quickly and almost without mistakes – LG refused Contrasting with laser assistant in determining the distance and refused for a good reason. LG has done so many improvements and refinements in the camera for its upcoming beast LG G7. G G7, according to an industry insider, is equipped with a charming camera feature having a 13MP front camera and 22 MP Dual lens back camera giving a wide range of hues and realistic images.

Another difference – still in optics. The “normal” camera of LG G6 is equipped with a lens aperture of ƒ / 1.8, the wide-angle – with diaphragm ƒ / 2.4. This greatly reduces the possibility of using the camera in this mode in the dark – you need to increase the ISO and, as a consequence, to sacrifice image quality. Hope, LG would solve this dark mode issue and bring LG G7 with best features included in it.


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