Finding the best place to microchip your dog

If you are thinking of getting a microchip for your dog, you should consider where you are going to get it. The facility that you go to will affect the benefits that you and your pet will get from the microchip. Some facilities provide bare minimum support for the microchip while some go all out including updates.

Make sure that you find the best place to microchip your dog by doing your own research.

What is a microchip and why get it?

Are you still unfamiliar with a microchip for your dog? To sum it up, a microchip is something that is inserted under the skin of your dog. It contains a unique ID associated to you and your dog. That unique ID contains two types of information: unencrypted and encrypted. The unencrypted information is usually something that you want people to know immediately such as the medical condition of the dog or any allergies that they may have. This information is useful especially if your dog became lost and someone else had to take care of it until they get a hold of you.

The encrypted information is a way for facilities with the technology to be able to find out who owns the dog and how to contact that owner. If that’s you, then you already have a reason as to why you should get a microchip dog. You will be reunited with your dog at a much better rate when compared to a dog that may have gotten lost without a collar or ID tag. Statistics show that dogs with a microchip under their skin have a better chance, 20% to be exact, to be brought back to their owner than those who don’t.

Consideration of the place to microchip your dog

Just like how you would do a background check of a facility that will do vaccinate your dog or any medical services, you should do one for the place that may or may not put the microchip in your dog. The very first thing that you should do is to make a call and ask them how the procedure will go. There are resources online that you can look at so you can compare their procedures with today’s standards. If you are comfortable with what you hear from them, then you should take a look at the reviews they have.

The reviews and word of mouth regarding a facility will give you an idea as to how they maintain their relationship with their clients. You will also be able to find out if they handle the dogs with care. You should avoid places that are known to be inhumane with the dogs that get their microchip installed there. It is also important that you get the necessary paperwork as well. If you miss any documents that will properly identify that you are the owner of the dog, then there may be complications when you are contacted with the information from the microchip.
There’s just very little risk involved when getting a microchip dog. However, the chances of your pet getting lost far outweigh these concerns. Learn more about various methods of tracking your dog, on this website:

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