Finding Video Duplication Providers

Video duplication is an important part of preserving your work and making sure that a contingency plan is in place, in the case of loss or damage of original prints. It is also a great way to create batches of material for marketing purposes. Looking for professional video duplication services, you need to choose a company that has a good industry reputation and is able to provide high-quality and quick services. Assembling a large batch of DVDs or other media on your own can be a very time consuming process and you can get it done in a very short time with professional duplication.

Video Duplication Providers

Difference between Replication and Video Duplication

There is a clear difference between replication and duplication. Replication would involve a glass master made from the original master, which is then produced to make multiple stampers. Clones or copies of the master are manufactured using the stampers. The disc is sealed with a coat of lacquer for protection and then the coat is further toughened with ultraviolet light. These copies are then either passed through an off-set or Litho or a silk screen printer. The replication process is ideal for a volume requirement of 500 units and more.

Video duplication on the other hand can be used to process small volume unit requirements, from 10 to 1000 units. In this process, the original master is imaged on a hard disc which is then slaved (replicating the commands for parallel recording) to multiple CD or DVD recorders. The image is then burned or copied onto recordable discs. The art work is applied to the discs with high resolution printers. The discs are protected with a varnish and then ultraviolet light is used to cure the copy.

Navigation and Design

The top video duplication services offer the expertise and tech to help you author your own DVD or Blu-Ray with unique and bespoke menu and navigation designs. Enjoy high-quality artwork for your video products, created by industry experts. Most top companies offer the different types of duplication services – DVD, CD and Blu-Ray duplication, vinyl pressing and disc packaging.

Advantages of Professional Production Services

When you look for video duplication services, there are some quality boxes that should be ticked. Copies should be of retail quality with a photo quality print finish that is consistent throughout the full batch of units. The duplication company should offer a complete selection of packaging and printing options, so you can work according to your budgets and enjoy more choices. Another importance is compliance and logistics, the top companies work according to UK and international dispatch standards.

Present the same quality as the master copy or original in the copies made with the latest duplication techniques and attract more eyes with original and sharp art work and imagery. From small-time filmmakers to production companies and music producers, high-quality video duplication caters to a wide range of segments and verticals. Protecting your videos and creating marketing material is best done when you align with a reputed company. Get a quotation now and enjoy a hassle free process.

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