Fitness First Hong Kong – The Best HIIT Workout Classes

The most effective way to get fit fast is through HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training. This exercise method not only makes you get fit quickly but also makes you feel fit. If you need to burn that extra fat and perfectly fit in that gown, or date dress, you have no reason to worry because you can quickly Burn off your calories with HIIT workout class in Hong Kong fitness first centers. The HIIT workout is a perfect method for quick fat burning, endurance-boosting, complete toning up, and strength and speed build up. If your dream is to get lean and maintain leanness, then High-Intensity Interval Workout should be incorporated in your training session about two or three times a week. The frequency with which you schedule your HIIT sessions depends on your fitness goals and the urgency to meet your lean body dream. The routine also depends on your training intensity and the recovery speed in between the sweat sessions. The recovery speed is vital because High-intensity interval training involves vigorous exercise done in short bursts, say 30 seconds of high-intensity exercises such as sprinting. Then, the rigorous exercise is followed by a period of resting or a less intense performance such as walking.

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HIIT health benefits

The benefits that come along with this kind of workout are comparable to none. First incorporating one or two High-intensity interval workouts into your regular workout schedule can speed up your fitness goal achievement. This is possible because HIIT improves the ability of your body to burn fats quickly, and the workout does not take much of your time because you will be done within 30 minutes. Also, this workout is known to help your body burn more calories even hours after the workout session. It also helps your body use the oxygen effectively, something which is very critical for athletes because the ability of the body to utilize oxygen effectively improves the endurance. The more the endurance level, the faster and longer an athlete can run, cycle, or swim without suffering oxygen deficits. Therefore, if you’re an athlete or an aspiring athlete, don’t use the illegal doping shortcuts but instead burn off your calories with HIIT workout class in Hong Kong and be the fastest celebrity of the century.

Is HIIT ideal for beginners?

Many people shy off HIIT because they think that this exercise is very intensive and it only involves the most experienced members who have hit the gym for years. However, this is not true because HIIT at all Fitness First clubs, we allow everyone to take part in HIIT sessions. It does not matter whether you’re new to HIIT or you have been moderately doing it, or you’re experienced; we have classes for all levels of HIIT skills. We have highly experienced instructors to take you through the simple movements according to your level of skills. From more natural exercises such as jogging on the spot, jumping jacks to more advanced activities such burpees, tuck jumps up to polymeric moves for veterans like the skip lunges that leave the heart pounding hard. Search for one of our clubs located in the most known areas and Burn off your calories with HIIT workout class in Hong Kong, which are also full of fun.

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