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How to get free unlock codes? I couldn’t believe what people were talking about! Having your iPhone unlocked for free, that’s beyond belief for me. I have been using iPhone devices for ever and I don’t ever remember to have had a SIM unlock iPhone device. I don’t even know how that’s supposed to feel like.

 All I know is that my options will be limitless and that I will be able to unlock many features on the iPhone with the SIM unlock itself. Also, they say that I will be able to use different SIM cards from any carrier in my country and that I can even use the iPhone when I go abroad on a holiday, with a foreign SIM card in it! That was too much for me too digest, but I cannot say that it dint sound appealing.

Unlock Codes

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How To Get Free Unlock Codes

 I have longed for so long to be able to switch form my current carrier to a different one, and to be able to use it without having to pay the roaming fees when I travel that the Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool seemed like an answer to my prayers. I am sure that all of you who use locked iPhone units know how I was feeling then and all of you would want to remove the SIM lock if you had a chance to do it.

Seriously, today is that day and this is that chance! Get the Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool and you will see what I mean by that. I couldn’t believe it myself, but now when I am holding my SIM unlocked iPhone in my hands I can believe it very much! I didn’t know what I was missing before I found the Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool.

The Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool will not only help you unlock your iPhone for free but it will grant you a permanent  unlock. That just one of the greatest features of this tool. Other tool provide the unlock but it only lasts for a limited amount of time.

 And, if anything happens to your iPhone and you have to take it to the store you might end up losing your warranty. But not with the unlock provided by the Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool. The unlock with this solution is invisible to the carriers because it  is performed in an identical method to theirs. They too use your IMEI code and they to get the unlock code from a database. That’s what this tool does to.

But how it is exactly done?

I know that some things are easier said than done, but this one is the other way around. Once you start the unlock procedure you will see that it is easier than you have imagined.

You don’t need any previous preparations. Except for maybe finding the IMEI code beforehand. If you have no idea where to look for the IMEI just dial *#60* and it will be there on your screen.

Other than that you will also need your iPhone’s USB cable and the laptop you normally use. You don’t need an upgraded version or anything.

So, now that you have all the equipment here’s what you need to do:

Download the Free Unlock Codes iPhone Tool and install it.

Connect your iPhone to the computer

Open it and provide the requested details ( IMEI, email, country, carrier etc.)

Click “unlock” and wait for the code.

The code will be sent to you in a couple of hours and then you will be able to enter it in your iPhone and finish the SIM unlock process.

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