Fun games for Christmas dinner – You will enjoy to the fullest

The Christmas dinner is a good time to socialize with family, friends or members of the company. But you may or may not know each other and you do not know what to talk about, either you do not want to make that meeting a boring memory, or you do not know how to entertain a company dinner.

Luckily there are many funny games that can be played at a Christmas dinner. If you have no idea how you can entertain and have a great time. We bring you a series of fun games for Christmas dinner. That you enjoy them!

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  1. The game of the wolf or “the people sleep”
  2. The game of imitating someone
  3. The game of the mission
  4. The game of explanations

 The game of the wolf or “the people sleep”

Also called “the people sleep”, this legendary game, which today can be achieved as a board or card game, can be played using only paper and pen.

What is the game of the wolf?

It is a role-playing game in which, first, some papers are distributed. At Christmas dinner you can write by hand, fold the papers, put them in a container and have each person take one:

The wolf or wolves: they can be up to 2 or 3, depending on the number of people at the Christmas dinner.

The town: the great majority.

The hunter: this person should try to catch the wolf.

The narrator: this will be the person in charge of giving orders.

However, this game has as many versions as available roles, such as the witch, who can resurrect and kill someone only once, or the girl, who can see everything. Still, in each version the same characters can play different roles, even you can invent yourself new rules. However, we present you the basic game.

The rules of the game

Once the roles are distributed, the game begins:

  1. To start the game, the narrator will have to say “the people are asleep” . At that time, all participants should close their eyes, including the wolf and the hunter.
  2. Then, the narrator will say “the wolf wakes up”. Next, the wolf opens its eyes and must point to someone. The person indicated will be dead instantly without knowing it yet. At the end, the narrator will say “the wolf sleeps,” and he closes his eyes again. If there is more than one wolf, there will be more than one death.
  3. Afterwards, the aster narrator will say “the hunter wakes up”. This will open your eyes and you will have to point out who / who you think is the wolf / wolves. The narrator will tell you by shaking your head whether or not it is the wolf. If it fails, the narrator will say “the hunter is asleep”.
  4. Then, the narrator will say “everyone wakes up except …” and names the dead or dead. At that time, a consensus should be generated and everyone should decide who the wolf is. If they fail, the game goes ahead and step number 1 is repeated.

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The game ends when the wolf or wolves are caught. Another even more economical way to play the wolf is for someone to go one by one saying what role they should play: whether to play as a village, as a wolf or as a hunter, for example. Of course, the person who is saying the roles should choose their own role also before starting to distribute them.

The game of imitating someone

This is another great classic, one of the funniest games for dinners. It can be played in two ways: either imitating someone at the Christmas dinner, or imitating a famous character.

How to play

Suppose you will play to imitate each other:

  1. The names of all the participants will be written on papers that, later, will be folded and put in a container.
  2. The papers are distributed. If someone has touched their own name, it is not worth not saying it! But the game would lose its grace. In such a case, the paper would be returned to the container and another paper would be picked up.
  3. From that moment, everyone should put themselves in the skin of the person who has touched them, not only in the attitude, but also in the way of speaking or in the topics of conversation that they take out.
  4. As the game progresses, you will have to try to find out who is imitating you.

If you want to animate the game a little more, you can take a shot every time you fail. That’s right … it’s not worth knowingly failing!

The game of the mission

Another of the best games for group dinners is, without a doubt, the game of the mission. For this game, the ideal is to know all the participants of the Christmas dinner well. Before starting dinner, you will be assigned to each one a mission that you should try to get before the end of the dinner, yes, without others knowing what their mission is. Whoever gets it, will be rewarded in some way. They can be crazy things, like for example:

  • Get a cheapskate to leave you money.
  • Get to kiss someone.
  • Getting someone to drink more than X glasses (even if he does not want to drink more).
  • Getting someone to dance or sing (if you feel embarrassed, better).
  • Get someone to smell your armpit.

The imagination here has no limits. You can put the funniest and most daring missions that you can think of. The laughter that you will laugh will not have a price.

Besides rewarding whoever manages to accomplish the mission, you can also put more substance into the matter: if someone guesses the mission of another person, that person must go through a ridiculous situation, such as running out of dessert or having to make a Striates in front of everyone (taking off only one garment).

The game of explanations

Another of the best games for friends or business dinners is dedicated to lovers of the legendary “Dark Lord”. On this occasion, we bring you this idea very similar and without the need to use letters.

How to play

  1. A person has to act as a narrator. He or she will have to ask for explanations about a fictitious situation, such as, “This morning I got up and I was completely bald, what happened?” At that time, you must choose someone to start giving the explanation.
  2. The person who begins to excuse himself, has to do it without hesitation at any time. You can pass the turn to another person whenever you want, saying things like “but I saw someone in that place, that he / she will continue to tell you”.
  3. The other person must continue to apologize, following the thread of the story. There is also the option for someone to interrupt you and tell you that this is not what happened.
  4. The narrator can also interrupt and ask for another kind of explanations from the person speaking.
  5. If someone is left doubting how to answer, stop playing.
  6. Finally, the game ends when only one player remains.

Add extras

You can add other rules or extras, such as putting many papers in a container with strange words. When it is someone’s turn, they should take 4 or 5 papers and use those words to continue making excuses. You cannot finish the excuse until you say all the words, unless someone interrupts you.

The important thing is to throw imagination and, thus, have a great time with others. If you have enjoyed all these fun ideas for business dinners that we have provided you in this article of fun games for Christmas dinner, you may also be interested in this other article on How to make a speech for the Christmas dinner of the company.

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