Fun Ways to Learn English

Learning a new language should never feel like an ordeal! Frankly, if you’re not enjoying it then you most likely won’t make solid progress in your studies – and you will probably just give up.

Here are some tips then to make learning English a pleasure – and not a chore!

Live in the Language’s Home

A great idea if you are serious about learning the language is to come and live in its very home by choosing to study English in London – look here for courses:

There are a number of reasons why this is a great idea, but the main one is that English is a living language. To that end, you are really going to learn to pick it up quickly by immersing yourself into it and conversing with natural English speakers every day.

Plus – you get to stay in one of the most, must culturally diverse cities on the planet! That is going to encourage you to get you every day, seeing the sights, talking to the locals and putting your lessons into practice.

Read a kid’s book

Yeah this may sound a little strange but bear with us – who else is trying to improve their English skills other than someone learning it as a second language? Kids! So that means that children’s literature is stuffed full of great books that are written with a level of language and grammar appropriate for everyone at all stages of the learning journey.

At the very least, it is going to provide some reading material that is a little (quite a lot) different from your perhaps somewhat dry textbooks.

Go to the Cinema

English language films are pretty common, so you should have no problem in finding one playing at a cinema near you – of course, if you have travelled to the UK or another English speaking country already then you will have no problems at all!

Listening to the language being spoken is a great way to pick up speech patterns and hear the words you are learning used with context. The cinema provides exactly this, whilst packaging those advantages with interesting stories (and perhaps an explosion or two depending on the type of film that you’ve picked!).

Retail Therapy

If you find yourself out and about doing a bit of shopping then try to work this into your daily language practice. Of course, if you’re currently in a country with English speakers, then you could try to go through your whole shop only speaking in English. So whether this is asking for the location of the sugar or seeing if those cute shoes are available in your size, make every interaction an excuse to practice English.

If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, you can still practice! Perhaps try writing your shopping list in English, and when you pick up each item, repeat its name to yourself, again in English. One word of advice – perhaps keep your voice down when you do this, especially in the supermarket? If too many people see you talking to your tomatoes, they may end calling for help!

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