Get Inspired with the History of Jewelry Trend

Jewelry, fashion, hairstyles and beauty trends change all the time. Do you wonder how different jewelry was hundreds of years ago from the ones worn today? You may have heard that trends come back as soon as everyone believes them to be vanished forever.

Jewelry trend history for inspirational purpose

The 1920s Luxurious and stylish

There was an economic boom, outrageous parties and lavish dresses in the 20s. To make an impression expensive jewelry, sophisticated hairstyles and dresses designed from costly materials was necessary. Women even wore diamond earrings, geometric pendants and art deco jewelry.

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The 1930s Bold and glamorous

Diamonds were unaffordable, so plastic jewelry was introduced. Style was simple but colors were bold. Semiprecious stones and flower shaped necklaces became popular.

The 1940s Dazzling and sparkly

Powerful advertising message that ‘Diamond is forever’ convinced women to have an engagement ring featuring only diamonds and no other gemstone.

The 1950s Elegant and graceful

Brooches were worn a lot and pearl strands became delicate and shorter as the women were concerned about elegance and grace. They preferred delicate femininity availed from matching sets.

The 1960s Breaking point

There was a rupture where fashion surprisingly transferred from matching sets, diamonds, and pearls to psychedelic colors, stacked rings and wooden chunky jewelry.

The 1970s Disco and Boho styles

Beaded necklaces with boho and disco style were the fashion statement. Jewelry designers started to blend leather with metals and hemp.

The 1980s Big and flamboyant

Oversized cocktail rings and big statement necklaces with voluminous hairstyles and leather jackets became popular.

The 1990s Rebellion period

Rebellious choker, gold hoops, and mood rings got worn. The jewelry trend showed the 90s to be fun and mischievous.

The 2000s Diamonds returned

Rebellious jewelry like layered necklaces, colorful jewelry and gold hoop earrings were worn by the new millennia but diamonds made a hit once again.

The 2010s Nature inspired and fashionable

Wooden beaded necklace, sterling silver, cuff bracelets, and all metal jewelry was in high demand. It revolved majorly around natural textures and colors.

What about today?

You will see that there are still a couple of jewelry item from every decade worn currently. More freedom is allowed to express as soon as every decade’s beauty gets recognized. Learn more about the trending jewelry designs and colors, on this website:

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