Get Rid of Urinary Tract Infection Naturally at Home

Urinary tract infection is the most common problem in adults. However, it is more common for women because women’s is at higher risk of getting this infection as compared to men’s. When a person feels the burning sensation or pain in urine or when person urge to go to pee frequently but the output of urine is low that means he/she is suffering from UTI infection.


UTI infection can come up in women’s at first go, and after treatment, there is a very high chance that you can get it again because it is easily transferable through bacteria. Many people try to get rid of this infection by antibiotics and by spending a lot of money on doctors without even knowing that this issue can be treated quickly with some home remedies that can give you better results.

So, if you are suffering from UTI infection here are some home remedies that can treat your Urinary tract infection problem simply and naturally.

  • Avoiding spermicidal protection

Spermicides are the main reason of urinal irritation, and it also increases the chance of bacteria to grow. So it is always better to use unlubricated condoms while you have intercourse with your partner because lubricant protection consists spermicides which can become the reason of irritation and bacterial growth in your UTI infection.

  • Drinking parsley tea as a solution for UTI

The person who is suffering from UTI is advised to have parsley tea as a natural healer of this problem. However, many natural healers suggest that the individual should mix some amount of their first-morning urine in the tea and have it.

Steps to prepare and consuming dosage

Firstly, person who is suffering from UTI should collect some ounces of his/her first morning urine and mix it with water in a container and heat it gently. Then put some parsley leaves in the mix and wait for the tea to get consumed but remember after adding parsley leaves allow the flame on simmering heat. Prepare this solution and consume this completely in a day but in divided time dosage.

  • Garlic as a natural healer

Garlic is a very useful element to cure many diseases when it is consumed in its raw and pure form. Garlic is important in healing many things because it produces allicin which is the sulfur compound formed when garlic is crushed. Alicia is very helpful in fighting the bacteria, and this remedy is very effective and easy to perform.

Just take 2-3 large pieces of garlic and peel them soak them in warm water and let them be there for 5 minutes after 5 minutes just have that lukewarm water.

The other way directly takes 2-3 piece of garlic if you don’t care about the bad smell of garlic. Doing this method for weeks can easily treat your UTI problem.

So, whenever you feel you are getting many troubles because of your UTI problem always follow these home remedies before spending your money.

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