Have a Fun-tastic birthday celebration with these designer cakes

Can you ever imagine a birthday without a cake? A big “NO”, right? Birthday and cake are almost like synonyms to each other. However, the type of cake which is ordered for the birthday celebration mostly depends upon whose birthday it is. If it is one of your parents’ birthday, then you might want to keep it simple. For say, flavors like pineapple or vanilla are most commonly chosen for their birthdays and the cake is many a time in a regular shape or a photo cake with their picture. We also seek for an eggless or sugar-free cake so that they don’t have to compromise with their health and eating habits. But if one wants to get a birthday cake for his/her lover, the cake is usually in the flavour of chocolate or red velvet and mostly the heart-shaped cake is highly demanded. So, there are variants of cakes according to the kind of celebrations. For kids, for friends, classmates, and colleagues, when we want the celebration to be fun-filled and exciting, there are a lot of designer and themed cake options available in the market. Here are a few most trending cakes that can be the fun element in a birthday celebration of your close one:

Barbie: One of the most selling dolls for the little girls is Barbie. The name itself is enough to get a smile on your princess’s face. Order any of her favourite flavoured Barbie cake as there are more than hundreds of options available in the stores. This will not only impress a little one, but if you are searching for an adorable looking cake for your sister or bestie girlfriend then this can go well too. This gives the whole celebration a different look with its magnificent shape and design. Everyone will definitely love the cake.

Superhero: Every boy’s dream is to be a superhero. They adore and respect the brave superheroes. You can buy a cake in this theme for your Superman, Spiderman or Batman lover on his birthday. Even for your roommate, best friend, or brother, this cake is a superb option.

Popeye: every 90’s kids must have watched Popeye. So, if you are celebrating the birthday of one of them, this cake can be the best buy.

Sponge-Bob: sponge Bob’s characters are really cool. You can order this cake online from MyFlowerApp and send it anywhere in the country with online cake delivery services in Mumbai,  Delhi, Kolkata and almost everywhere.

Tom n Jerry: The most classic cartoon character- Tom N Jerry is almost everyone’s favourites. Let your munchkins get drooled over the amazing looking cake and enjoy their birthday party just like the Tom n Jerry.

Cricket Field: Is your best friend a big cricket freak? Does your colleague take an off from the office when there is an important match? Then this themed cake is for them who just love cricket. There are many different designs available in the market. You can pick any flavour, size and shape of the cake.

FootBall themed: A perfect cake for the football crazies, who don’t care about night or day when it is about a live football match!

Teachers Whiskey: have you got a good booze buddy? Is it your drink buddy’s birthday? Then what can be better than a Teacher Whiskey themed cake as a surprise!

Guitar shaped: Pick a guitar-shaped cake for the guitarist of your group. You can order it at midnight or at a fixed time, whenever you want.

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