Hiring a criminal defence lawyer Toronto for charges against petty theft can help you out!

People who are incarcerated for petty theft may not see the intellect behind hiring a criminal defense attorney and may choose to fight the charge by themselves. Although most first offense petty theft convictions do not result in a jail sentence, that does turn petty theft charges into minor criminal offenses. For a reason the first offense punishment for petty theft rarely includes imprisonment in county jail for any period, many people often wonder if hiring a criminal defence lawyerto fight petty theft charges is meriting of the investment or even necessary. You may also feel as if you can be conserving money by fighting a petty theft charge yourself, hiring an experienced criminal defence attorney Toronto from make an enormous distinction in your case and your expectation.

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Thus, if you still question about engaging a criminal lawyer, rethink your strategy. Do not take petty theft too light. If you are on the shoes of a court-appointed criminal lawyer, they won’t show the same due diligence as compared to cases where they get paid.

Consequences of Petty Theft

Usually, if you are sentenced for petty theft, you could face up to six months in county jail and a fine. In other cases, the verdict may be only one. However, you could face more serious aftermath if you are convicted of petty theft with previous criminal charges.

The prosecution must provide evidence for be convicted of this crime. Depending on the evidence presented in court, the charge can vary.

Is hiring a criminal defense attorney really meriting?

Given the outcomes you face if you are proven guilty with petty theft, having a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney to fight the possible charges is worth it. Here’s how competent criminal lawyers can help you today:

You may find the criminal court procedure confusing: –

Many television shows make you aware of the court proceedings. However, real court procedures are not what are portrayed by the media. Your choice should be someone local who has been around the block and provide you with the right counseling possibly from a criminal law firm.

You may not be able to enter into negotiation for a better plea bargain: –

Furthermore, having an experienced criminal defence attorney Toronto at your side to fight for you may help you obtain a better plea bargain from the prosecutor. For instance, an expert criminal lawyer may be equipped to arrange for you to serve community service rather than serving a jail sentence.

Some of the other advantages of hiring an expert are: –

In addition to raising your odds of avoiding a petty theft conviction on your record and the concomitant collateral outcomes; the attorney can appear in court on your behalf. That means you can avoid each of the number court appearings while your case is being resolved. Whether or not you want to skip on the proceeding because of the expense for travel and parking, or clearly avoiding the anxiety and stress of appearing in front of a judge, a qualified criminal defense attorney will protect you from this complicated process, while keeping you defended and notified of your case progress.

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