How A Shopping Centre Can Avoid Car Park Hazards

You are a bit wrong if think that shopping Centre car parks are counted as the safest places in a community. According to statics, it is not true as the ratio of risks and common hazards are increasing day-by-day. It happens because shopping Centre car parks are generally crowded and densest areas. The tight and narrow space having unsuspecting pedestrian keeps witnessing to car troubles and accidents.

How A Shopping Centre Can Avoid Car Park Hazards

Common Hazards and Ways To Avoid A Car Park Collision

Talking about typical parking collision, it involves reversing into other cars, scrapes with pylons and poles and runaway shopping trolleys. In this section, five of the most common hazards and the way to avoid have been mentioned below –

  • Tangles with trolleys –

Stray shopping trolleys are considered as a most common hazard in our car parks shopping Centre car parks. You may not believe but there are around 250 shopping trolley accidents occur each year. To stay safe, you need to keep an eye out for any unaccompanied trolleys. Make sure that you have placed trolley to their bay to do a bit for other drivers.

  • Scrapes and scratches –

Getting a scratch from already installed poles, pillars and walls to a new car are enough to ruin anyone’s day completely. Try to leave enough room when turning into a parking bay. Moreover, do your best to avoid the area having poles, wall, and pillars while parking.

  • Avoid Busy Times –

People should try to heading for shopping on a day when fewer people to come so that they will not meet that way much hassles.

  • Road safety –

People also need to accumulate exact knowledge of road safety features. They should use indicator while turning so that other drivers will get your intentions.

  • Reversing dangers –

Parking collision mostly happens when one or more car is reversing and you need to take extra care and do check twice behind you. Do not just follow entirely on your mirrors or sensors. Do keep looking at your shoulder as well.

Unique Features Of An Ideal Shopping Centre Car –

  • Good Lighting – An ideal shopping Centre should come up with good light so that accidents can easily be avoided.
  • Accurately Marked Parking – Yes!!! It is indeed true that correct marking can play a wide role regarding imparting essential guidance. Drivers will easily get to know that where they are supposed to head or if they are taking the wrong direction.
  • Speed Limit – An ideal shopping Centre come up with a signboard adding the correct speed limit. It helps to prevent drivers from speeding in crowded areas.
  • Enforce Strict Parking Regulations – Needs to create a clear system for car parks to avoid accidents so that cars would not scratch, damage or bump into each other.
  • Excellent Safety Barriers – Yes!!! It can incredibly help to mitigate the chances of accidents. To increase the flow of your car park and improved layout, ideal shopping Centre car park generally goes with distinguished car park organization and security.

Though car accidents in the Shopping Centre car park cannot be predicted in advance, the ratio of common hazards can be mitigated after the above-mentioned points and installing excellent safety barriers.

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