How Can Windows Reduce Energy Costs?

Heat enters and exits your home through several different avenues; the most common are thermal bridges. These are areas in your home that allow more heat to pass through than surrounding areas. The windows of your home, for example, typically allow more heat to pass through than other areas. The most insulated parts of the home are typically places where there are structural posts that add to the insulation already in the walls. However, there are ways to increase the insulation of your windows.

Double-glazing is the most common way to reduce heat transfer through your windows. Double-glazed windows are windows that are made of two panes of glass with an airtight spacer between them. They create a cavity of gas or vacuum between the panes. Heat cannot readily pass through the cavity, thus reducing the heat transfer.

Gas or Vacuum

Double-glazed windows can come with gas or vacuum in between the panes. Either way, they have to be airtight because the gas cannot be allowed to escape. The most common gas for eco windows in Melbourne is simple air. Air provides a cushion that limits heat transfer and is very effective to reduce your heating and cooling costs for your home.

However, there are other gases that have been proven to be even more effective. Argon, one of the noble gases, is almost twice as effective at limiting the amount of heat that passes through your windows. Other gases have differing amounts of effectiveness as well. Finally, the most effective solution is actually a vacuum. Double-glazed windows with vacuums between the panes of glass can actually be more effective at insulating than fibreglass insulation.


You should choose uPVC double-glazed windows. The material is a great choice because it is lightweight and insulates as well as timber. However, unlike timber, it will not attract pests or rot. Unlike metal, it will not rust or corrode over time. Furthermore, metal tends to conduct more heat than uPVC. Finally, uPVC is completely recyclable when it is made carefully.

If the uPVC is manufactured in a lead-free environment and with machinery designed for this purpose, it will be completely recyclable. That means you will be able to reduce your environmental footprint in more ways than one.


Double-glazed uPVC windows are sometimes more expensive than some other types of windows, but the amount of savings will eventually start to pay off. With long-lasting high-quality windows, you’ll be able to keep your windows for a very long time, and eventually, they will pay for themselves.

There are many different ways to design uPVC windows. Get in touch with great producers and see what types of options they have for you.

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