How is Artificial Intelligence Strengthening Online Proctoring?

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting several sectors around us and education is a great example of it.

AI, which has been around for more than seventy years now, is now making waves in countless sectors that are seeking automation as a solution to many discrepancies in their systems. The area that involves the stimulation of human intelligence, AI is altering a number of facets of the education industry.

There is a bunch of colleges and universities that are making use of AI technologies to instill more efficiency into their procedures. Here are a few examples:

  • It has been reported that the admissions office of the University of Arizona is using keyword examination devices lead by AI in order to speed up the application review procedure.
  • A Chatbot has been created by the Georgia State University for answering budgetary guide along with the inquiries from candidates wanting to get themselves enrolled.
  • A teacher working in Georgia used IBM’s Watson technology for making a personal virtual teaching assistant.

Following the footsteps of these tech wizards, there is a long line of people in the world of education who wish to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of their procedure making them partially free from human intervention.

One of the areas of education where man-made intelligence can bring unmatchable profits is – Online Proctoring.

Online Proctoring can be seen as a byproduct of online learning. With online programs flooding the market from all sides, there was a need to inculcate integrity into the examination system. And, that gave birth to online proctoring. This way, students, residing in remote locations, can easily take a test without having anyone to raise a finger at their honesty and sincerity.

So, you can say that online proctoring is a blessing over the e-Learning industry since it has helped people in trusting education that is attained over the internet. Hence, infusing efficacy into various online proctoring services is an issue that needs urgent attention for e-Learning to stay alive and grow even further.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Proctoring

Usually, in an online proctored examination, a proctor (invigilator) keeps an eye over the students during the test in order to prevent them from getting involved in any kind of cheating. From live to recorded to automated, there are many ways of conducting a proctored exam which can be upgraded with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The primary purpose of attaching online proctoring services to Artificial Intelligence is not to replace human but to strengthen the process of live as well as computerized administration during a test. Furthermore, AI has the power to inject versatility to these services along with minimizing blunders that humans are very well capable of making. Also, AI-driven technology is useful in catching errors that human eyes can perhaps miss.

Therefore, it is time to toss out traditional methodologies and bring in new AI lead technologies that can enhance the effectualness, reliability, and integrity of online proctoring services. Learn more about the role of artificial intelligence (A.I) in today’s world, on this website:

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