How proxies work


Ensuring the safety of the user on the network. With its help, you can go to blocked sites, gain access to dubious resources without fear of picking up viruses on your computer, or leaking personal data. Many people think about how a proxy server works. Today we will answer this question. Note that you can buy a proxy on the website.

How search queries work

First, you need to understand how, in principle, search queries work on the web. It works as follows: the user’s computer initially addresses the DNS server, which stores all the IP addresses of sites. After receiving the request, the DNS server directs the user’s computer to the server with the data, which is called hosting. All the data necessary to reproduce the site is stored there. The computer downloads this data, showing you the site.

The problem is that all these requests are made by the user. The search engine can easily determine where the request is from, which allows you to find out the personal data of a person. In addition, the entire data chain mentioned above is performed using the provider, which transfers requests from the client to the servers. If a site is blocked in the country, the provider will simply refuse to transfer data to the DNS server, which will make it impossible to use this resource.

How proxy works

The proxy works the same way, but it adds one new action to the entire chain. Initially, the user makes a request not to a website on the Internet, but to a proxy server. The proxy server receives this request, then duplicates it and receives a response. That is, for the search engine, the request was made not by the client, but by the proxy server itself. The data from it is transferred to your computer, after which they are decrypted, as in normal use. Yes, due to the location of the server in another country, the network speed will drop, but this is not critical.

By adding such an additional step, it is possible to completely avoid data leaks, viruses, and so on. After all, the user’s computer does not download anything from the original source, it only receives a relay from the server itself. Learn more about the tech ology behind virtual private networks (VPN), on this website:

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