How the 2018 Mazda6 Got Popular

In 2018, Mazda released the latest version of their 6 series with a makeover that increased the value of the vehicle to a significant level. The Mazda dealerships were having a good time across the globe, with this new model of 2018 Mazda6. We got the opportunity to get a proper look at the car, when we came across one such banner saying Mazda6 for sale Las Vegas. That’s when we came to know the inner truth about how this model could reach at this point of popularity within a few days of its release.

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Here is a brief account of those reasons that made the 2018 Mazda6 popular across every segment of buyers.

The Way it Looks

When a car gets popular, the first thing it must be having is the looks. That is something the buyers would notice at first, be it as a picture or at any showroom. The 2018 Mazda6 didn’t leave any scope for the buyers to ignore its presence. From a new pair of front and rear bumpers, you can see a flatter chrome strip that runs along and above the taillamps. The roofline is lowered with a squat stance. Each trim level of this series had its own share of upliftment on the exterior side. While the Signature sees a new gunmetal grille finish with a piano black accent on its rear bumpers, the GT, gets a pair of adaptive signature headlights. The 19-inch wheels and the LED headlights get standardized on both the trims and all that make the 2018 Mazda6 enviously gorgeous.

The Sense of Power

Mazda has invested a lot in shifting from their standard two-cylinder engines to four. This was probably done to derive the power that a 2.5L engine with the 6-speed automatic transmission, can give that can make a horsepower of 187 with a torque of 186 lb.-ft. That is a power that mostly larger sized vehicles like the three-row SUVs use. So, invariably as a mid-size sedan, the powertrain could generate extra rigor and strength. This combination of powertrain could successfully reduce the turbo lag helping in every way the car to move faster without compromising on the smoothness and handling.

Driving Impressions

When the 2018 Mazda6 was released, I had a mind to look for the Mazda for sale near me. Reaching the one that topped my search, I got the opportunity to test the Mazda6 of 2018 model, and now I know how it drives.

The powertrain of turbo four engine with the 6-speed automatic transmission keep the car rolling on the road with an effortless manner that needs no extra push to handle the car even in difficult turning. Thanks to the new suspension, that tunes the handling constantly, to keep the car cabin bereft of external shocks and bumps by reducing the chances of body roll to a great extent even when the road ahead doesn’t look smooth.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the 2018 Mazda6 mid-size sedan has every reason to top the list of favorites by a large section of buyers. Be it the sleek design that captures the best performing powertrain, the mileage or the interior comfort, this model from Mazda is an all-purpose vehicle for every segment of buyer

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